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THORLite - 1

• Fast +/- 60° viewing angle displays characterization • Viewing angle analysis for QC or R&D • All included station: Measuring system EZLite-NG and its valets, thermic chamber and manual XYZ stage • Flexibility, High Efficiency and ease of use • Environmental impact on displays optical characteristics checked with the use of temperature chamber from -40 ˚ to + 85˚C • Reflective properties and/or spectral characteristics of displays available as options • Resolution : 0.05°/CCD pixel THORLite system is a powerful measurement station which offers precise, flexible and easy evaluation of displays up to 10” in specific temperature environment. The modular design gives the freedom to use the station mounted with the provided temperature chamber or not. This complete measurement station is a precise, economical manual solution which ensure high accuracy and stability. ELDIM OPTICAL METRO

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THORLite - 2

Viewing Cone Series (*) The system's resolution must be considered according to the effective optical resolution. Specifications can be change without notice

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