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Response Time Luminance, MPRT, Gamma, Flicker World leader system for full analysis of display temporal behavior OPTIScope-SA & OPTIScope-Lite ADVANCED LIGHT ANALYSIS by

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OPTIScope-SA Temporal Analyser Series Light collection and temporal analysis OPTIScope-SA system OPTIScope-SA looks like a conventional camera but includes all the hardware needed for temporal and luminance measurements. An imaging objective collects the light in a angular aperture of ±1° following VESA standard. An image of the target is obtained with a color CMOS sensor. Part of the light goes on a photomultiplier across a photo peak filter. The system can also measure absolute luminance measurements thanks to an internal autocalibration device that readjust the photomultiplier...

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Temporal Analyser Series OPTIScope-SA Signal analysis and grey to grey response time OPTIScope comes with a complete and sophisticated solution for measurement analysis and response time extraction. VESA procedure and low pass and stop band filtering can be applied. Response time compensation due to low pass filtering is also available. Direct regression with different mathematical models can be used to extract more precisely response time values and additional parameters related to the shape of the temporal behaviors (overdrive, underdrive…). Dedicated algorithms adapted to specific...

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Temporal Analyser Series Original object Perceived object Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) One of the main motion artifacts on flat panel displays is motion blur. The new VESA FPDM section addressing this problem introduces moving edge-blur that can be measured by various instruments like pursuit cameras. This eva- luation is near the real conditions but generally tedious and expensive due to the cost of the instruments and their complexity. It results in moving picture response time behaviors versus gray levels generally measured in very strict moving configurations. OPTIScope offers...

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Temporal Analyser Series Measured temporal behavior for LCD I Simulation MPRT profile for LCD I Measured temporal behavior for LCD2 Comparison of MPRT simulation using OPTIScope-SA and direct measurement using Pursuit mirror camera from Dedicated MPRT system has been realized on different displays. OPTIScope-SA Pursuit mirror camera MPRT blur edge time calculated with OPTIScope-SA measurements MPRT blur edge time calculated with Dedicated MPRT system Results agree generally reasonably well for all the grey levels used in the measurements.There is nevertheless always some underestimation of...

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Temporal Analyser Series Photodiode calibration Measured gamma curve of a LCD display Luminance, Gamma curves and Flicker Response time measurements are generally made between one grey level to another grey level. Complete analysis is made with a step in grey levels from 0 to 255 (for example 16 levels). Nevertheless, the observer is not concerned by the grey level value but moreover with the luminance emitted by the display for this grey level. It is more effi- cient to make the response time analysis with fixed steps in luminance instead of fixed steps in grey level. Self calibration...

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Temporal Analyser Series OPTIScope comes with a complete software solution for automated measurement and data analysis.All the fea- tures can be also addressed by other softwares using ActiveX capacities. Programming examples are provided Some characteristics of the DisplaySpec software package

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^^^^^9 ^WE^M I Temporal Analyser Series Major specifications of OPTIScope Series For A type illuminant with l00Cd/m2 Outer dimension (unit mm)

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