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Features • NIR viewing angle system • Wavelength calibrated at 850nm 905nm - 940nm • Working Distance : 30mm • High Accuracy and reliability • High speed measurement Applications • For automotive (self driving car) • For mature & innovative technologies Flash LIDAR, LASER Diode, VCSEL • For R&D and mass production/QC • For 3D sensing & Imaging OFScope-NIR is an optical measuring instrument dedicated to the measurement of angular characteristics of NIR light sources. With an angular aperture of ±40° and excellent angular resolution, it measures in real time a full map of any NIR source with a long working distance at 30mm. This equipment is designed to characteristics precisely LIDAR and VCSEL components. ELDIMOPTICAL METROLOGY FOR DISPLAYS

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NIR Viewing Angle System OFScope-NIR Specifications (*) Other wavelength on request Specifications can be change without notice NIR emitter pulse synchronization, rate and width measurement Temperature stabilized sensor Viewing spot for automated positioning

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