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Multispectral iMagingdevice

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Multispectral imaging device Most accurate homogeneity measurement of spectral radiance ADVANCED LIGHT ANALYSIS by

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Multispectral Imaging Device Multispectral imaging systems generate different images of the same object at different wavelengths. Compare to color imaging this technique is much more powerful avoiding metamerism problems and analyzing in depth the light emission properties of any object. Until now, this technology has been limited to select military, medical and scientific applications. Indeed, absolute measurements are quite difficult to obtain using most of these techniques. We present here a system that allows absolute multispectral measurements in the visible range with excellent...

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Multispectral Imaging Device Data analysis and software Each UMaster system comes with a powerful, Windows-based software suite created by ELDIM. This software provides extensive instrument control, data acquisition and image analysis capabilities. The software provides also a simple, user-friendly interface to fully automated, pre-programmed capabilities. This enables each customer to perform sophisticated measurements and tests in a completely automated way with limited efforts. UMaster provides a number of tools to analyze completely the multispectral measurements. Luminance and color...

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Multispectral Imaging Device color checker color checker illuminated with white LED Spectral reflectance Absolute spectral reflectance is require in many situations. Combined with a stabilized white source UMaster MS can provide easily absolute spectral reflectance in the visible range of any object. Accuracy of the system has been checked using a color checker with 24 different zones of well controlled color and spectral reflectance .The measurement is made using a stabilized white LED illumination. The non-homogeneity of the illumination is corrected making the same measurement on a white...

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Multispectral Imaging Device Radiance of blue LEDs at 459nm LEDWall analysis Due to statistic LED emission dispersion, all LEDWall tiles generally require a colorimetric calibration. This can done using color measurements of each type of LED (generally blue, green and red). Automated procedure have been developed for ELDIM UMaster videocolorimeter. UMaster MS allows more in depth analysis of LEDWall emission. Emission spectra of each LED can be measured directly and mean wavelength emission λm and wavelength band pass Δλm can be deduced. For the multispectral imaging measurement, each...

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Multispectral Imaging Device Reflective display & aspect UMaster MS can provide full spectral characterization of reflective displays. Global spectral reflectance homogeneity can be checked. The display image aspect can be also predicted under any illumination conditions. Color Measurement of blue state on Ipod display Homogeneity of reflectance at 523nm on IPod display Spectral reflectance homogeneity UMaster MS is capable to provide high spatial resolution spectral information and not only luminance and color measurements. On reflective displays and after normalization with a measurement...

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Multispectral Imaging Device UMaster MS comes with a complete software solution for measurement and data analysis. Some characteristics of the EZCom 6 software package for UMaster MS Features

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Multispectral Imaging Device RA-025 VI.I 04/2011 ©ELDIM S.A. Specifications can be change without notice Outer dimension (unit mm) (*I) Band pass filters with a BWHM of about I0nm: the reported accuracy is on the band pass central wavelength position. (*2) For one filter with regards to the maximum of radiance observed on all the other filters. (*3) For a radiance level higher than 10mW/Sr/m2/ nm (*4) The accuracy is guarantied for any type of coloi stimuli in contrast to competitors that generally guaranty only reference white. (*5) The repeatability is given for full resolution. When a...

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