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Lambertian & homogeneous calibrated source Opal diffuser Spectral radiance Compensation film Most accurate homogeneity LED source LEDSource series ADVANCED LIGHT ANALYSIS by

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Opal diffuser Radiance (W/str/cm2/nm) Compensation film Power level (%) Calibration of the luminance linearity Spectral radiance at two levels 50 and 100% LEDSource Description White LEDSource’s benefits: • Quasi Lambertian source with continous radiance from 400 to 700nm • Homogeneous all over the surface • Excellent source stability with real time monitoring • Easy luminance setting between 70 and 1400 cd/m2 • Easy software automation with ActiveX control • Ideal for film transmittance measurements WHITE LEDSource includes a great number of white and violet LEDs regularly distributed on...

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Used with LEDSource color filters cover most of the chromatic plane ELDIM’s LEDSource color filters Optional color filters The white LEDSource can be provided with an optional set of color filters for precise color calibration. The nine color filters covers a great part of the chromatic plane (see below and the table). Then the color calibration can be made within a great part of the chromatic plane. The color filter set is provided with the different absolute transmittances and the color coordinates measured by reference SR3 spectrophotometer using the LEDSource. Color filter None Red...

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Major specifications of LEDSource Stability from 5% to 100% of intensity 0.3% Linearity from 5% to 100% of intensity 0.5% Color stability Uniformity VESA 2.0 compliant Angular response x color coordinate (±0.001) 0.444 y color coordinate (±0.001) 0.390 on 90% of diffuse surface ±4% on 70% of diffuse surface ±2% Luminance variation at 10° <2% Luminance variation at 30° <5% Color variation at 10° <±0.001 Polarization degree <2% Working area Diffuser area Housing size Weight Outer dimension (unit mm)

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