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DIGITAL CAMERA COST-EFFECTIVE CMOS SOLUTION 10 bit CMOS digital camera Small, light & low power system benefits High resolution (1280x1024 pixels) Zooming, sub-sampling & averaging user control Full SDK based on ActiveX technology LABCam makes use of the latest developments in CMOS imaging techno- logy. Camera performances are such that LABCam offers high-grade mea- surments for limited budget. Typical applications for LABCam include: display uniformity evaluation display defect inspection automobile lighting assessment dashboard and cluster investigation manufacturing quality control microscopy and medical imaging LABCam delivers fast readout time through a 10-bit ADC. USB 2 interface ensures not only higher data transfer at 480 Mbit/s, but also guarantees easier connection to a computer. Individual pixel addressing and on- board custom CPU enables the user to control Window of Interest zoo- ming, sub-sampling, frame averaging and exposure. Optional on-chip color filters or front-end photopic filter bring metrology tools for colorime- try and photometry application requirements. LABCam is supplied with full remote control and analysis software. Moreover, extensive SDK library enables the advanced users to easily develop customized tasks (code samples are provided). ADVANCED COLORIMETRY by ELD/M

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[*) Actual frame rate might depend on the PC processing capabilities to accept high bandwidth data rate ELECTRONICS FOR DISPLAYS AND IMAGING DEVICES 1185 rue d'Epron 14200 Herouville Saint Clair - France EMail: • Internet address:

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