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iSENSE Digital Camera

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iSENSE DIGITAL CAMERA ELDIM iSENSE high performance, digital cameras are designed for use in quantitative imaging applications. Featuring Kodak scientific grade CCD sensors with up to 6.3 million pixels, iSENSE cameras provide high, true dynamic range from a 16 bit A/D converter and a low noise signal digitalization. iSENSE camera control software provides manual and automated settings for ease of operation, as well as image and measurement data export to other applications. With the performance and feature options available, there is sure to be an iSENSE camera to meet your demanding imaging requirements. F E AT U R E S BENEFITS - Up to16 bit digitization with Correlated Double Sampling - High dynamic range even at low light level - -30°C +/- 0.1°C absolute CCD temperature - Better repeatability - System flat-fielded calibration - Uniformity testing capability - Telecentric-on-CCD technology - Flexibility for any sample sizes - Fast and monitored mechanical shutter - Aperture time controlled for true quantitative and flux measurements - Open software package based on ActiveX technology - Easy data extraction and integration within existing measurement process - Full automation of measurements, analysis and plug in - No extra cost - Complete software solution including camera control, viewer, analysis and developer kit - USB 2 Plug and Play - Easy to install - Run on laptop - ELDIM optical lab capabilities - ELDIM high grade custom optics - High accuracy photometry and colorimetry - Lower MTF and smaller distortion FROM IMAGING TO PHOTOMETRY by

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iSENSE Number of pixels 768 x 512 1536 x 1024 Digital output 3088 x 2056 16 or 14 bit (Software selectable) Dynamic range /SNR 80 dB at 5 MHz, gain 1x 87 dB at 25 KHz, gain 1x Truedynamic/Effective number of bits 13.3 bit at 5 MHz, gain 1x 14.5 bit at 25 KHz, gain 1x 9 electrons RMS at 5 MHz, gain 1x 4 electrons RMS at 25 kHz, gain 1x Total noise Peltier cooling Stabilized at -30 +/- 0.1°C Three detection modes or gains, software selectable : high sensitivity (2x), high dynamic range (1x), high SNR (0.5x) User gains High fill factor 100% Spectral range 300nm to 900nm - Blue enhanced...

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