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Calibrated Source Series M Lambertian & homogeneous calibrated source based on LCD backlight technology CCFLamp's benefits Lambertian source Homogenous all over the surface Excellent source stability up to ±0.3% Easy luminance setting between 35 and 400 cd/m CCFL backlight technology for spectral content - similar to LCD's

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The device includes a CCFL backlight used as reference source and a dedicated electronic driver that measu- res and regulates the flux emitted by the backlight. The regulation ensures an emission at ±0.3% of the nomi- nal value in the dynamic range 1 0-1 00% of the device. It makes it a convenient tool for: O Photometry & colorimetry equipment calibration O Optical component evaluation Calibration & Specifications The absolute luminance of the device is measured using a Topcon SR3 system mounted on a reference gonio- meter. The emission is not azimuth depend but varies with the incidence...

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Optional color filters The CCFL device can be provided with and optional set of color filters for precise color calibration. The nine color filters covers a great part of the chromatic plane (see below and the table). Then the color calibration can be made within a great part of the chromatic plane. The color filter set is provided with the different abso- lute transmittances and the color coordinates measured by reference SR3 spectrophotometer using the Fitter colors using CCFLLamp I Used with CCFLLamp color filters cover most of the chromatic plane Example of filter transmittance Spectral...

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CCFLamp angular response near to Lambertian source Easy software interface CCFLamp specifications CCFL Spectrum close to customers needs CCFLamp with colored filters ELDIM - 14200 Herouville Saint Clair - France EMail : • Internet address :

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