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The ESSPx is the outdoor solid-state power amplifiers factured by Elber with GaN transistor technology, with output power from 50W up to 200W. Available also as SSPB with in-house designed upconverter, the ESSPA-Ku50 is the 50W Ku-band version. The ESSPx is an integrated unit, comprehensive of power supply and cooling system, housed in a weatherproof cabinet for safe outdoor installation and operation. Safe operation is preserved also through automatic software/hardware shutdown of final stages in case of overtemperature, over-current and high reflected power. The amplifier is equipped with precise forward and reflected power • SSPA and SSPB • GaN Technology • Output power 50 W (PSAT) • High Gain and Linearity • Fully Outdoor Use • Fully protected against over-temperature, over- current and high VSWR. rect configuration and monitoring of the amplifier. • Gain adjustment Combination of basic pallets is just mechanical through waveguide combiners, so that performan- • Output sample monitor port ces can be easily replicated for massive production. Management of the unit can be done either local- • Autonomous 1+1 redundancy management ly (with Hand-held controller) and remotely through serial RS-485/422 or Ethernet connection. • Remote Monitor & Control through Serial and Ether- A redundancy kit is also available, with autono- mous management of 1:1 solution or optionally with external Master control unit, through Cleber platform (one control unit for 2 amplif

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ESSPx-Ku50 - 2

SPECIFICATIONS General: Frequency: 14.0-14.5 GHz (standard) 13.75-14.5 GHz (extended) Output Power: +47.0 dBm PSAT +43.0 dBm PLIN Gain (@ 0dB attenuation): 78 dB ± 2 dB Gain adjustment: 15 dB in 0.1 dB steps Gain flatness: ± 0.75 dB over any 40MHz band Gain flatness: ±1.5 dB over full band Spectral Regrowth: <-30 dBc (@1.0 x SR QPSK/8PSK) Spurious Emissions: <-55 dBc @ PLIN AM/PM Conversion: 2.0°/dB (max) @ PLIN Group Delay Ripple: < 1 ns p-p Input: Connector: N (f) Impedance: 50 ohms VSWR : 1.3:1 Output: Flange: WR75 Impedance: 50 ohms VSWR: 1.23:1 with isolator Output Sample: Connector: N...

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