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CLEBER3 The Broadcast open Platform FEATURES •• Self-contained modular solution (3U RACK 19”) •• 16 plug-in slot available, hot-swap •• TFT front panel control CLEBER3 R2K16 DESCRIPTION Cleber3 offers a powerful, flexible and modular hardware and software platform for broadcasting and contribution networks, where customers can install up •• Embedded Linux OS •• Single or Dual Power supply (Hot Swappable) •• WEB interface, SNMP v2 to sixteen boards with no limitations in terms of posi- •• DAB over Satellite Receiver Based on a Linux embedded OS, it detects the presen- ce of the boards and shows the related control interfa- •• ELBER SSPAs controller ce to the user, either through web GUI and Touchscreen TFT display. Power supply can be single (AC and/or DC) or dual (hot swappable for redundancy). The high number of slots available minimize the Capex and Opex of customers, simplifying maintenance and management. In just one chassis, it is possible to feed up to 16 DVB-S2 transponders, or monitoring 32 satellite signals, with many redundancy combination at RF, L-Band, IF or baseband level. Thus Cleber3 can host any combinations of boards, there are particular applications and use cases that can be considered and described separately. See next page to check available plug-in cards and related functions. A dedicated solution datasheet can be asked or find in our website 4:2:0/4:2:2 •• ASI switch (1 output pass-trough) •• ASI aggregator and deaggregator •• ASI distributor (1 output pass-trough) •• SMPTE310 switch and distributor •• E1 switch and distributor •• FM

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Dual Redundant Hot-swap 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz IEC 320 22 v 65 Vdc 2 pins plug < 320 W Mechanical: Chassis: Dimensions: Width: Height: Depth: Weight: ASI/TSoIP in, CVBS/SDI video out, analogue/AES-EBU/ SDI 4 channels audio out.HD downscaling on CVBS out DHD/B: MPEG-2/H.264 1080i 4:2:2/4:2:0 decoder ASI in, CVBS/SDI video out, analogue/AES-EBU/SDI 4 channels audio out with Genlock. HD downscaling on CVBS out FM gateways: SRS-06: 4 channels FM MPX and 88-108 MHz to ASI converter Control: TFT touchscreen display 3.5” Web browser (embedded http server, no additional software needed)...

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