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Technical Data Sheet cobra foldy FFP1 Order no.: 419 210 Product designation: Filtering Facepiece cobra foldy FFP1 (DIN EN 149:2001 FFP1 NR) Applied standard: DIN EN 149:2009 (DIN = German Institute for Standardization) Utilization: Protection against firm and liquid particles of inert substances. Application limit: 4,5 times the NPF value as well as NR The scope of protection is determined by the product information, technical standards and valid application rules. Description: The filtering facepiece cobra foldy consists of several material layers. Materials: Several used materials are incinerated. Particle filter: Microfiberglass/Melt Blown Harness: Elastic band Nosepiece: Aluminium Nose upholstery: Foam (inside) Operating principle: Particles are filtered through the Melt Blown-Filter. Weight: approx. 13 gram Particle separation efficiency: Test Aerosol: Minimum separation efficiency (EN 149): Inhalation resistance: at 30 l/min, constant flow max. 0.6 mbar (according to EN 149) at 95 l/min, constant flow max. 2.1 mbar (according to EN 149) Exhalation resistance: at 160 l/min, constant flow max. 3.0 mbar (according to EN 149) Marking: Trade mark of manufacturer (LOGO) Product designation Item number Applied standard Expiry of shelf-life (YYYY/MM/DD) Consider the information brochure Lot-No. CE-Identification Notified body Identification color: white Handling: Take the Filtering Facepiece out of the packing directly before use. Don the Filtering Facepiece over the mouth, nose and chin in accordance with the instructions (see poly bag). Storage conditions: Ambient temperature. Protect against cold, heat and humidity. Consider conditions noted on the packaging. Warning reference: Please consider the information brochure! User references: EKASTU Safety GmbH guarantees the indicated achievement according to class and type. It is to be noted that the laboratory test values can considerably deviate from those which are reached in practice. This can lead to longer or shorter preservation time. The user must read and understand all functional information. Use the Respiratory protective devices with this information brochure, the relevant valid statutory regulations and the safety requirements of the profession associations, particularly the regulations for use in accordance with BGR 190 resp. DIN EN 529 ‘Respiratory protective devices – recommendation for selection, use, care and – guidelines’. Sodium chloride: 80% Paraffin oil: 80% TD 419210 English 02-07.10 EKASTU Safety GmbH Gutenbergstraße 75 D-70197 Stuttgart Germany Tel.: Fax: +49/711/263590-0 +49/711/263590-30

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