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MEASUREMENT PROBE UV PROBE 254+ MEASUREMENT PROBE UV PROBE 254 + Multi-parameter measurement probe COD•BOD•TOC•TSS•SAC 254•SAC 560 PRESENTATION The UV-Probe 254+ is a multiparameter online measurement probe for continuous and independent quality control of water and effluent. It measures the SAC 254 and the SAC 560 directly. It also provides by correlation the measurement of the TOC or COD or BOD and the suspended solids from the SAC measurements and laboratory measurements. APPLICATION AREAS Release to aquatic environment Water treatment plant Drinking water production Waste water treatment plan Process water and effluents • MULTI-PARAMETERS: LED technology (UV visible) • ULTRA LOW RUNNING COST: No re-agent or prior filtration, self-cleaning measuring cell (cleaning box option) • ROBUST: Stainless steel 316L, water-resistant IP68 (probe and connector).

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MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE The sample to be analyzed undergoes to separate radiations. The first is emitted in the ultra-violet range at a precise wavelength of 254 nm, the second is generated in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum at a wavelength of 560 nm. Depending on its chemical composition, the sample will absorb different degrees of radiation at these two wavelengths. The quantity of light absorbed in the UV at 254 nm is termed the SAC 254 and the proportion of light absorbed at 560 nm is termed the SAC 560. Beer-Lambert's law defines the relation between the measured...

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HOW TO USE PLUG AND PLAY SYSTEM The probe can be plunged directly in the effluent to be analysed or installed in a measurement chamber. The cable between the probe and the transmitter is of the submarine type (IP68). It offers perfect reliability for continuous and safe running (power supply and data transmission). il is dedicated for all water type.

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This is a 316L stainless steel probe: • The lower part has two grooves in which the liquid to be analyzed will circulate. • On the upper part there is an electric cable for connection to the transmitter and also a non-return valve. The valve serves as a connector for the E8492 compressed air cleaning module (optionnal). The optical measurements are carried out directly inside the probe by a microprocessor system. The optical signals are immediately converted into digital values and are relayed to the transmitter.

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