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Water presence detection Ultrasound measurement PRESENTATION This product is used to detect the presence of water. It ensure the self-monitoring of your storm water overflow for a the quantification of overflow times. APPLICATION AREAS Storm water overflow Sewage network Industrial effluents Surface water Presence of liquid • ULTRASONIC MEASUREMENT: measurement patented by EFS using ultrasound to obtain reliable detection: no false detection even if the sensor is fouled • ROBUST: the housing is made of IP68 composite material and has hydrodynamic shapes to limit soiling. • RELIABLE: all sensitive elements are integrated into the device housing and are therefore fully protected from external agressions. • AUTONOMOUS: integrated solution with its battery. Internal recording able to store 1 event every 10 minutes during 1 year.

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Overflow detector - 2

MAIN FEATURES • Internal information recording (cylic memory) Overflow start times • overflow end times • duration length • battery voltage • temperature (indicative value)• current time. • Exits RS485 Modbus communication: the data can be read by a supervisor via an RS485 serial link Discrete output (Go/NoGo): the sensor incorporates an open collector output to transmit the detection of the overflow signal in real time. • Patented technology to prevent false detections Reliable detection even if the sensor is dirty. • Low maintenance including only the replacement of the internal battery....

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Overflow detector - 3

HOW TO USE The overflow detector can be installed temporarily as part of a study or permanently. It can be installed: • Alone thanks to its energy autonomy and its recording • Connected to a data logger to control a sampler INSTALLATION Easy fixing by 2 anchoring points: • either on a vertical wall or • on the bottom of a platform. The detector is mounted on a stainless steel plate which allows it to be securely fixed to a support.

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