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INSTANTANEOUS FLOWMETER IFR 600-1500 Simultaneous measurement of injected mass & injection rate Fast • Compact • Accurate • Complete PRESENTATION The IFR600 flowmeter is a device dedicated to measure injected volumes or masses but also the injection rate step by step from your injector. It is perfectly suited to the control of high energy multi-shot injection systems fitted to modern diesel or gasoline engines. It is the perfect dedicated flowmeter in a Research and Development context or for injector production applications because it provides a very detailed analysis of the injector. APPLICATIONS • Automotives • Trucks • Motorbikes • Construction machinery HIGHLIGHTS • Diesel generators • FAST: This instantaneous mass flowmeter allows you to measure up to 10 injections per revolution. • COMPACT: Only one device is necessary to measure the quantity injected and the injection rate simultaneously. • ACCURATE: It offers ultra-fast and precise measurements of all injection parameters at each turn: quantity injected, injection rate and opening/closing delay. • COMPLETE: The IFR 600 flowmeter gives instant, minimum, maximum and standard deviation measurement of all the parameters you need.

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It’s made of : • a mechanics integrating mass, volume, pressure and temperature measurements • an electronics managing the measurement cycle and carrying out the calculations at each turn • xIFR software, supervision interface between the user and the measuring device. Mechanics Measured parameters • Injected volume (mm3) • Opening delay of the injector (pis) • Closing delay of the injector (ps) • Injection start time (ps) • Injection length (ps) • Injection rate (time) • Opening speed of the injector(ps) • Closing speed of the injector(ps)

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MAIN FONCTIONS • Measures independent of pressures, quantities, and timing of injections. Back-pressure adjustable from 10 to 100 bar without external equipment (back-pressure generated by the injector). Configurable measurement window from 90 to 270° pump (180° to 540° 4-stroke motor). Pump speed range from 60 to 4200 rpm (120 to 8400 RPM 4-stroke motor), 1 Hz to 70 Hz. Very good measurement stability in transient and low hystérésis Fully integrated injector pilot generator (1 to 10 injections per revolution, automatic increase or decrease test, …). Automatic analysis of very effective...

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CONTROL SOFWARE Main control bar Connection (4) Curves and injection rate (1)

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Configuration ot the curve display Recording of the reference curve to be superimposed on the curve in progress Flow rote(mg/ms) / CurrenC(A) - Sync •••2.570ms\137.730mg • _,_I Injection rate Control pulse Configurable analog input ± 10 V Ex : IPoD measuring the injection driving current Closing delay (ps) Closing speed (ps) injected mass (mg) Injection length (ps) Injection start time (ps) Opening delay (ps) Opening speed (ps) • Pulse length angle (°) • Pulse length time (ps) • Pulse start angle (°) • Pulse start time (ps)

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General measurements per revolution : • Number of pulses COMINJ detected • Number of injection detected • Auto tuning angle (°) • After injection pressure (bar) • Injection rate cursor • Maximum injection rate (ps) • Maximum injection rate time 1 - xIFR software connection/disconnection 2 - Ifr identification (Multicast mod) 3 - IP adress (Broadcast mod) 4 - AVG F4: average start 5 - AVG: average setting 6 - AVG F6: average files management 7 - Mass ou volume selection 8 - Connection to an external scales to perform a calibration 9 - Saving parameters in Eprom 10 - Setting the parameters...

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General parameters • • • • Motor rotation speed (selectable with cam speed or Hz) Number of rotation since the start of the rack Wedging angle of the measuring window Volume chamber temperature Averages management • • • • Number of rotations for the average Averages counter Average setting Average files management Instantaneous volume or mass injected Back-pressure measurement • • • • Stop of measurement (EV opening) Restart of measurement Final pressure after injection Activation/desactivation of Cominj

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Injector driving Internal or external synchronization with the injector controls Synchro - rotation Synchronization with the bench Internal or external frequency Synchro - average Internal or external synchronization with the injector controls SENSORS Mechanical connection (sensor) EV_control Mechanical connection (electrovalves) DIAG Diagnostic socket MONITORING Monitoring socket

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Contact us ZAC du Baconnet 192, Allée des Chênes Montagny (69700) - FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)4 72 49 27 72 ISO 9001 : 2015 Design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of innovative technical products based on electronics, mechanics, optic and software. Alexandre HUCHON Commercial Director & marketing Tel:+33(0)6 73 67 46 20 ahuchon@efs.fr

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