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UV-Probe 254+ UV-Probe 254+ Measurement probe COD, BOD, TOC, Suspended Solids and SAC Application fields - Drinking water - Fresh water - Treatment plant water - Industrial wastewater EFS Ces deux analyseurs permettenteffluents. 8489 de l’eau et des le contrôle de la qualit

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esentatidn The UV-Probe    is a multi-parameter online measurement probe that allows continuous quality control of fresh water, wastewater and industrial effluents. The system is made up of a 316L stainless steel measurement probe, a transmitter to collect and process measurements and an optional module for compressed air cleaning. The probe uses UV/visible technology to determine the physicochemical parameters such as COD, BOD, TOC, Suspended Solids and measures directly the Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC 254 and SAC 560). • No re-agent or prior filtration • Self-cleaning measurement...

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UV-Probe 254+ MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE The sensor uses the “two wavelength” measurement principle. One channel detects suspended solids while the other detects both COD and suspended solids. The COD is determined as the difference between the two channel measurements. For variations of light intensity and temperature, the on-line probe uses a reference sensor for each channel. ABSORPTION SPECTRUM OF RESIDUAL WATER SAC 254 : Absorption Coefficient at 254 nm SAC 560 : Absorption Coefficient at 560 nm

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Installation example The probe can be plunged directly in the effluent to be analysed or installed in a measurement chamber.

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chnical specifications Measurement probe

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Your contact Design & manufacturing of innovative technical products based on electronics, mechanics, optics and software SITE ADDRESS Parc d’activité du Baconnet 192, Allée des Chênes MONTAGNY (69700) FRANCE In China to handle technical support (installation, training, maintenance and calibration). www.environment.efs.fr PHONE & E-MAIL E-mail: sales_env_eng@

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