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Turbi-Probe 4000+ Turbi-Probe 4000+ Immersion Nephelometric turbidity meter Application fields - Sewer water - Fresh water - Treatment plant water - Industrial wastewater EFS Ces deux analyseurs permettenteffluents. 8677 de l’eau et des le contrôle de la qualit

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esentatidn The Turbi-Probe 4000+ is an on-line turbidity measurement probe that allows continuous and autonomous quality control of water and effluents. Designed to measure in a wide range from 0 to 4000 NTU with a resolution of 0.01 NTU, this probe is particularly suited for turbidity control on cloudy water (process water, fresh water, treatment plant water, sewer water). • Wide measurement range • Temperature measurement • Very low power consumption • Integrated dataloger • Measurement according to ISO 7027 / EN27027 • Ready to use (factory calibrated) • Fast and easy calibration • Glass...

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Turbi-Probe 4000+ Measurement principle The sample is exposed to laser radiation at a wavelength of 860 nm. Based on its turbidity, the sample will spread more or less radiation.The intensity of the scattered light defines the turbidity of the samples. Calibration is automatically calculated by the probe which determines the correlation between the intensity of measured scattered light and turbidity values of several Formazine standard solutions. PARAMETER MESURED TURBIDITy 3

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Installation example The probe is an Acetal tube, 19 cm long and 70 mm in diameter. Power and communication cable is connected on one side, the measurement window and wiper are located on the other side. The probe is immerged directly in the liquid to be analyzed. It may be held in position by a pole fixed on the measurement pool.

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echnical specifications eferences Measurement probe

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Your contact Design & manufacturing of innovative technical products based on electronics, mechanics, optics and software SITE ADDRESS Parc d’activité du Baconnet 192, Allée des Chênes MONTAGNY (69700) FRANCE In China to handle technical support (installation, training, maintenance and calibration). www.environment.efs.fr PHONE & E-MAIL E-mail: sales_env_eng@

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