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Multi-Probe+ Multi-Probe+ Multiparameters measurement probe The Multi-Probe + is designed to monitor the water quality of drinking water distribution and industrial effluent. 100 % autonomous 11 parameters in real time EFS Ces deux analyseurs permettenteffluents. 8491 de l’eau et des le contrôle de la qualit

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resentatidn The Multi-Probe + is designed for continuous monitoring of water quality of drinking water distribution and industrial effluents. It can be inserted on loaded lines without service interruption. It allows measuring and wireless transmitting in real time many parameters such as turbidity, flow rate, temperature, pressure, flow, pH, redox and conductivity. vantages • 11 parameters measured in real time • The probe is immediately operational (factory made settings) • Ultra low energy consumption • Glass wiper automatic cleaning • Functioning up to 16 bars • Small dimensions (0 38 mm)

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physico chemical Parameters Turbidity laser measurement (ISO 7027) • High sensitivity and accuracy thanks to a laser source • High stability (optical compensation through a reference sensor) • Scratch resistant sapphire window • The glass wiper avoids the clogging and removes the air bubbles that could interfere with the measurements Conductivity: 0 - 2000 uS (±1 uS) Ph: 2 to12 pH unit (±0.1 upH) Redox: ±1000 mV (± 1 mV) physical Parameters Ultrasonic flow measurement • Indication of the flow direction • High accuracy • Ultra low energy consumption Pressure: 0 - 20 bars (±0.5...

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Installation • Assembly/disassembly on loaded pipe in less than 5 minutes • Very low intrusion (insertion at 1/8 of the nominal pipe diameter) • Very low energy consumption • Stainless steel probe and insertion system (health security) except some sensitive parts of the sensor. The sensor is mounted on a pipe. The insertion system is screwed onto a ball valve DN40 which allows easy insertion and withdrawal of the probe. The drilling hole must be a minimum Ø 39 mm. The head of the probe enters slightly into the pipe to ensure an optimal measureme

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Web browser HMI Web HMI for settings, calibration and data recovering. The probe is set using a PC computer equipped with Wifi connection and an internet browser. Display of all parameters measured on the same screen Measurements vahies DATE. OF THIS RECORD 1

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Setting the minimum and maximum thresholds for each of the measured parameters CflrflLKltvrry \£van ;-IM ■fcnftratwe 'C z.&c dJ[Ttry    V    HIJW t-abg h-1 ajdan H-ik?a m j ajflnn b.em EKPUHT GlUTHK Data transfer td remote server Real IIOT. After setting up its address and cycle frame, the probe transmists its results on the ftp server of your choice. The probe can operate autonomously and upload data at regular interval by the GPRS network. If the GPRS network is unavailable, the customer can always use the local network to download its data.

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CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES Customer solution This customized solution with bare wires is available on request and includes : • A power cable (EFS 8694) equipped with a 4-pin watertight connector on the probe side and 4 bare wires on the other side. • A communication cable (EFS 8698) equipped with a 8-pin watertight connector on the probe side and 8 bare wires on the other side.

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Continuous mode Autonomous mode

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Parameters measured

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Your contact Design & manufacturing of innovative technical products based on electronics, mechanics, optics and software SITE ADDRESS Parc d’activité du Baconnet 192, Allée des Chênes MONTAGNY (69700) FRANCE In China to handle technical support (installation, training, maintenance and calibration). PHONE & E-MAIL E-mail: sales_env_eng@

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