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Off-grid power for domestic security Reliable energy supply for undercover operations Reduction in operating costs Long autonomy Long deployment Security applications - whether they be static or mobile surveillance in vehicles - require an independent, reliable and ideally noise-free power supply. Semi-static and static surveillance systems also need to be able to operate uninterrupted in places where there is no mains connection. In security vehicles, the power supply to electrical consumers also needs to be ensured for long periods while the vehicle's engine is switched off. Idle running for battery charging purposes need to be avoided in order to increase the flexibility of the deployment vehicles and in order to avoid drawing attention during undercover op- erations. For both scenarios, a small, compact source of energy with little to no signature is needed. SFC fuel cells offer considerable advantages when it comes to supplying power to mobile and static security applications. They deliver off-grid power reliably, quietly and in an eco-friendly manner for weeks on end without any intervention on the part of the user, and if necessary in concealed or vandalism-proof locations. Numerous blue light and defence organisations worldwide are already relying on power from SFC fuel cells.

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Confirmed product maturity: more than 35,000 EFOY fuel cells in use “Our fuel cells have been used successfully on the market for over 10 years. In the security and defence sector in particular, the product characteristics offer significant advantages that our customers around the world really appreciate. Police organisations in many countries use our fuel cell products regularly, and have come to really value their safety, quality and reliability. In 2010, our military products and tank cartridges were approved for use by the German Bundeswehr and have since also been used successfully by...

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EFOY Pro for vehicle-based applications For surveillance missions and covert operations, SFC Energy supplies fuel cells for vehicle integration. These systems provide a reliable power supply to electronic devices in emergency, command and multi-purpose vehicles, prolong the operation period and minimise the risk of being detected based on the sound and heat signature. SFC fuel cells are available both as industrial devices for official use but also as ruggedised versions for military use. EFOY Pro fuel cells EFOY Pro fuel cells, with their compact design, deliver a lot of energy from the...

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Max. output* Min. output* Nominal voltage Weight Connectable tank cartridges (with DCS 1) Dimensions L x W x H Nominal consumption Operating temperature 0.9 l/kWh (0.24 gallons/kWh) -20 °C to +50 °C (-4°F to +122°F) Other temperature ranges can be met with customer specific EFOY Pro energy solutions * The nominal power decreases with the number of hours of operation. Information valid within the warranty period. EFOY Pro energy solutions for undercover operations SFC Energy's fully integrated energy solutions are available in different performance categories and can be customised to meet...

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Power for safeguarding critical infrastructures Rail track monitoring and construction site security are just two of many areas of application in which energy solutions involving EFOY Pro fuel cells are already successfully being used. They provide a round-the-clock, reliable power supply for the surveillance of critical infrastructures. Sample calculation: Power requirement: 60 W Energy requirement: 1440 Wh/day EFOY ProCube, including a connected M28 tank cartridge, as well as accumulators. Using this energy solution allows autonomy of up to three weeks. Autonomous energy supply separately...

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Examples of use Since the number of charging devices can now be reduced to one (SFC Power Manager 3G), the amount of storage space available to the user increases. The SFC Power Manager 3G is being used by the US Air Force, the German Bundeswehr and many other defence organisations. The portable JENNY 1200 fuel cells with a nominal power of 50 Watt is based on the multi-award-winning DMFC technology from SFC Energy for defence and security applications. It offers twice as much power than the JENNY 600S (25 Watt), which has already been launched and bears a stock number (NSN/VN), and which...

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Energy solutions for undercover operations When covert semi-static and static surveillance systems are used at locations without a mains power connection, there are major demands of the power supply's autonomy. SFC offers power supplies for the static and covert supply of power to surveillance applications and law enforcement authorities. SFC fuel cells reliably supply power for weeks without a mains connection or the need for user intervention - silently, covertly, safe from vandalism and even in a format that can be buried. JENNY ND Terra and EMILY ND Terra The JENNY and EMILY ND Terra...

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Extremely high energy density - low weight At just 8.4 kg, a 10-litre EFOY tank cartridge boasts an energy content of 11.1 kWh. To deliver the same amount of energy, around 280 kg of lead-gel batteries would be needed. Safety-tested and air freight-compatible EFOY tank cartridges have been designed to satisfy the strictest safety requirements and have UN approval for transport by sea, road or air. Fuel cartridges Contents Weight nominal capacity Size L x W x H Autonomy @ 20 W cont. EFOY GO! - Mobile power with lithium ion technology The EFOY GO is more than just a battery. With an...

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