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safe high-speed doors

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Head start included: More than 40 years of success When established in 1974, EFAFLEX was the first company in the world to deal exclusively in Highspeed doors. And that was quite deliberate. For this vision gave us the advantage right from the word go. In the beginning was the technological Today, EFAFLEX is the pioneering manufacturer redefinition of the power-driven door of High-speed doors and the undisputed leader by EFAFLEX – which revolutionized all in this technology. The company employs 800 conventional designs. Since then, one employees worldwide. EFAFLEX is based in speaks of...

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World of Doors - 4

Visions become true 1974 EFAFLEX established 1980 High-speed folding door “ES” 1984 “AS” folding door with the patented Cardan joint No progress without innovation 1989 High-speed roll-up door “SRT”; EFAFLEX has 100 employees 1992 World innovation: the High-speed spiral door “SST”, with the patented spiral 1994 The distribution network now stretches Opting for an EFAFLEX High-speed door means opting for globally leading technology and beneting exclusively from our technological advantage. In-house research and development is an impor- tant part of the EFAFLEX company philosophy. 1995...

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World of Doors - 5

top spiral cover (SBO) – optional Top installation clearance with SBO 2 fixing points for sealing profile Front spiral cover – optional R Dimensions only with spiral cover Bottom spiral cover – optional Emergency open Locking – optional H/2 (frame fixing point) H-500 (frame fixing point only for H>4000) Light barrier(s) – optional Detail Y Fixing point Bottom plate

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World of Doors - 7

Speed fascinates Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world. So it is only natural that a cheetah makes the perfect symbol for our logo. After all, EFAFLEX High-speed doors are the fastest of their kind. When it comes to speed, our performance is unrivalled. Make use of that advantage! For speed is often the decisive advantage.

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World of Doors - 8

In nature and technology – man is captivated by speed. Speed increases your efciency. Working fast Some years ago, EFAFLEX set the world speed means working economically: greater perform- champion into the race: In 2002, full of pride, we ance in shorter time. Optimize your processes and presented to the world the fastest door ever built: benet from the fastest doors, made by EFAFLEX. the EFA-STR®. The patented round spiral, the light-weight yet extremely stable door blade and a powerful drive make it the unbeaten champion in speed.

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World of Doors - 9

A sense of comfort: our safety systems A sense of safety is an especially comforting feeling. Safety means: risk is managed. With an EFAFLEX High-speed door, you are opting for the highest safety standard on the market – for personal, vehicle, cargo safety – and of course safety for the door itself. EFAFLEX High-speed doors not only offer countless possible combinations with “active” safety systems, such as the unique EFA-TLG® infrared light-line grid. They are also structurally designed for many years of operation, down to the tiniest detail. The quality difference that provides you with...

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World of Doors - 10

Quality, perfection and many years of experience: You remain free to choose the most appropriate safety levels. After all, you must be able to rely completely on your EFAFLEX High-speed door.

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World of Doors - 11

Cost effectiveness: through quality engineering Sometimes it is right to make no compromise: in quality, for example. The unsurpassed quality of EFAFLEX High-speed One of the most important factors for economy doors pays dividends. A high degree of precision nowadays is energy! EFAFLEX has done some- in manufacture, robust modern materials, tech- thing to counter the rising prices and an uncertain nologies that almost completely eliminate wear – supply of raw materials: the fast opening and clos- every High-speed door from EFAFLEX is an in- ing speeds of our doors ensure that only minimal...

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World of Doors - 12

Energy costs Operating costs Work costs Maintenance Servicing Downtimes Acquisition costs Higher costs in the long-run: conventional roller door Long-term savings: EFAFLEX-High-speed door Compared to conventional roller doors, EFAFLEX High-speed doors are an investment that soon pays for itself. The lower energy costs are also a benet to the environment: for every heating period, you save up to 4600 litres of heating oil – and relief the ecosystem by up to 13 tonnes CO2. Conventional door: open for a long time EFAFLEX High-speed door: open only briey Conventional door: closes slowly EFAFLEX...

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World of Doors - 13

Our Doors. Our World. Our Future. EFAFLEX High-speed doors continue to meet demanding requirements all over the world. The company has developed into a global player with a world wide network. Today there are EFAFLEX partners ready to assist you in more than 50 countries and on all 5 continents.

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World of Doors - 14

Global Player EFAFLEX – Doors for a better world As a global player, we are well aware of the extreme controversy on the subject of energy. Resources are becoming scarcer, environmental pollution is increasing and energy costs are rising – that drives us on to construct the most efcient doors in the world for you. Our dedication begins already with environmentally sound production and packaging. We even consider the ecological effects of the EFAFLEX High-speed doors themselves. All laths, for example, are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Optimized transport routes are just another...

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World of Doors - 15

High-speed doors in the world’s highest class S Series High-speed spiral doors High-speed spiral doors are the worldwide unique product of creative and innovative technology. All doors in this series are based on the EFAFLEX patented spiral technology. EFAFLEX Series S High-speed doors achieve peak speeds of up to 4 m/s. No other door with comparable features lets you through anywhere near as fast as that. R Series High-speed roll-up doors High-speed roll-up doors are the economical doors systems we provide for indoor applications. EFAFLEX R Series High-speed doors differ from conventional...

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