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Special doors for clean room application CR Series

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Special doors for clean room applications - 2

An increasing number of defined standards require reliable special doors for clean room application, for example in the pharmaceutical, medicine, biotechnology, aeronautical, electronics, automotive and process engineering areas. Specifying the correct door is one of the most important components in the clean room – with the CR Series, EFAFLEX offers you specialist doors for controlled production environments. The CR Series: Special doors for clean rooms

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Special doors for clean room applications - 4

EFA-STT®-CR Spiral door for turbo speed and full transparency If door speed is a high priority, you will find no better solution than the transparent clean room door EFA-STT®-CR. Thanks to the patented spiral, the high-speed door opens and closes with up to 2.5 m/s under constant use. It is ideally suited to minimise pressure and atmosphere exchange, for example for the inertisation for dry prevention. Compared with a standard EFA-STT® door, the clean room version achieves its sealing through a so-called labyrinth sealing. The single walled transparent laths are kept in distance when the...

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Special doors for clean room applications - 5

EFA-STT®-CR Door size 2500 x 2500 mm Effectively measured air loss in laboratory tests with typical door sizes: EFA-SRT®-CR Door size 1400 x 2000 mm m3/h Pa m3/h Pa

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Special doors for clean room applications - 6

EFA-HHS-CR Hermetically sealed horizontal sliding door In the case of insufficient space above the door, a horizontal sliding door is installed: The EFA-HHS-CR for the hermetic closure is the perfect solution. The door leaf offers a considerable freedom of design with any installation size. The EFA-HHS-CR can also be delivered with a window. Moreover, choose between stainless steel and laminate finish. EFA-HVS-CR Hermetically sealed vertical sliding hatch If there is not much space or no space at the sides, the EFA-HVS-CR sliding hatch which opens and closes vertically, is fitted. The door...

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Special doors for clean room applications - 7

Additional features of the CR Series Green: The door may be passed. Contactless Switch A simple hand movement in front of the sensor, at a distance of between 10 and 50 cm – depending on the individual setting – triggers the opening of the door; this is hygienic, fast and reliable. It is not necessary to touch the switch. This is the optimum in sensitive environments. On each registration, the LED display is lit. The clean room door closes automatically after passing through the doorway. To be protected, the switch can be hidden completely behind a cover, as long as this does not contain...

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Special doors for clean room applications - 8

For ideal conveying processes and optimal materials handling EFAFLEX clean room doors are optimally suited for conveyor systems between plant sections and storage rooms. CR series high-speed doors are also used in materials handling. Airlocks and special applications It is often necessary to link two doors to an airlock. Whether as an airlock between the exterior space and the clean room or between different clean rooms. Combine the two high speed doors with the respective special advantages of EFAFLEX to the suitable solution. Depending on the spatial installation possibilities, different...

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