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safe high-speed doors High-Speed Spiral Doors

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 3

S Series If speed is what you need, then EFAFLEX High-Speed Spiral Doors will give you the superior advantage. Thanks to their unique construction – the patented spiral – they achieve peak speeds of up to 4 m / s. Accelerating your work processes enormously! EFAFLEX High-Speed Spiral Doors impress customers all over the world, for their outstanding quality, greatest safety and extreme load capacity. You select the best – unique – door system for your application. The fastest vertically opening door in the world, combined with the best heat insulation – the S Series will provide this.

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 4

The ingenious spiral technology.

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 5

Everything revolves around. Perfection of the door blade guidance EFAFLEX has invented this functional principle. It guarantees you a series of advantages: only this unique construction combines high opening speeds, longevity and efciency anywhere in a comparable way. Copied a thousand times, still to be equalled The tried and tested fundamental principle of EFAFLEX High-Speed Spiral Doors remains unbeatable! The door blade is not rolled up on a shaft, but is guided into the patented EFAFLEX spiral instead, saving space and keeping it in distance. The laths are xed together with large strap...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 7

The energy-saving door for closing large halls. The original spiral door EFA-SST® is the classic among EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors, and our most successful series. We have developed three different variants to meet all different requirements you may have for a high-speed door. A glance at the advantages of the EFA-SST®: Unrivalled noise and heat insulation EFA-SST® PREMIUM Fitted with EFA-THERM® laths as standard Designed for long-term industrial use, this model easily copes with circa 250,000 operating cycles per year, with opening speeds up to 2.5 m / s and specication that also includes a...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 8

Generation EFA-SST®.

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 9

Revolutionary and advanced. The EFA-THERM® laths In light of rising energy prices, energy saving is right at the top of everyone’s agenda – which naturally also goes for EFAFLEX. That is why we have now completely redesigned our High-Speed Spiral doors for you. We are the world’s rst manufacturer to provide a series of thermally insulated EFA-THERM® insulation laths for EFA-SST®. These achieve outstanding heat insulation between 0.66 and 1.52 W / m²K depending on door size. The door blade is extraordinarily robust, long-lasting, secure and sound-insulating. Depending on how much light you...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 10

Top in all respects The EFA-SST® generation fulls highest expectations even under heaviest continuous operation. The EFA-SST® is extremely stable and weatherproof. It boasts outstanding heat and noise insulation, and surpassing wind resistance. The new high-speed spiral doors ’undyingly‘ withstand up to 250,000 load cycles per year with minimal maintenance requirements. You can expect a long service life from the EFA-SST®!

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 11

EFA-SST® with EFA-ACS® self-repairing door blade. Top in all respects. Special models EFAFLEX offers the EFA-SST® in a model that fulls all standards for explosion-protected rooms. All electrical components are certied according to the applicable EU directives. The mechanical protection consists of brushes for electrostatically discharging the door blade, full earthing of the door installation and non-isolated installation of all metallic parts. In cooperation with the automotive industry, we have also developed a special model that complies with all regulatory requirements for a laser beam...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 12

EFA-SST® for reliable conveyor application. EFA-SST®: unbeatable in materials handling In automated logistics doors are often under very heavy goods trafc, this is where the advantages of EFA-SST® are most apparent. Our High-Speed Spiral Doors ensure extreme speed for rapid material ow and can withstand extraordinary numbers of operating cycles. The EFA-SST® can be connected over interfaces to a controlling computer. In materials handling, a high-quality High-Speed Spiral Door such as the EFA-SST® offers yet further advantages: for example unrivalled heat insulation pays off when storing...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 13

EFA-SST® Low-header model. Optimized door solutions in limited space The EFA-SST® is available in a special model for low headroom situations. It reaches opening speeds of up to 1.0 m / s, and guarantees greatest safety for people and vehicles. System solutions for trafc control can be individually designed in a forward-thinking and customized way, for example by combining trafc lights, induction loop(s) and magnetic card readers. The latest safety precautions combined with high closing speeds offer effective protection With state of the art technology, the low-header model measures up to...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 15

Optimised sealing for controlled temperature zones. A glance at the advantages of the EFA-SST®-ISO-60: Optimum solution for cold storage rooms Maximum speeds of up to 2.5 m / s Heat insulation of up to 0.80 W / m²K Thermally insulated EFA-THERM® insulation laths Easily 250,000 load cycles per year Perfection is in the detail Now, 60 millimetre thick EFA-THERM® insulation laths guarantee better heat insulation than ever before! These laths come thermally separated as a standard. Especially developed details produce the excellent vertical and horizontal sealing of the EFA-SST®-ISO-60. The...

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 16

With laths of crystal-clear acrylic glass, the door blade of the EFA-STT® is more than 70 % transparent, and yet extremely robust – making it a unique high-speed door of extreme practicality.

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S Series High-speed spiral doors - 17

A glance at the advantages of the EFA-STT®: Impressive transparency Maximum speeds of up to 3.0 m / s Highest quality and economy Suitable as interior and exterior doors Easily 150,000 load cycles per year Advantages clear to everyone The EFA-STT® transparent laths will provide a clear view to the other side for many years to come, the door blade is held apart in the spiral mechanism. Given frictionless retraction, the high-speed door is extremely fast and the laths remain undamaged. Your premises become brighter, you save electricity and you have a clear view. Furthermore, the EFA-STT®...

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