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High-speed roll-up doors - 1

High-speed roll-up doors

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High-speed roll-up doors - 2

High speed roll-up doors are extremely economical door systems for interiors. The EFAFLEX high-speed doors differ from other doors through their enormously high opening and closing speeds. High-speed roll-up doors dampen noise, maintain temperature zones at a constant level, and avoid that drafts have a chance at your company! All high-speed roll-up doors of the R series have a space-saving design due to the door opening. EFAFLEX high-speed roll-up doors are mostly maintenance-free, and different and individual designs are available.

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High-speed roll-up doors - 4

EFA-SRT® The heavy-duty forklift door

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High-speed roll-up doors - 5

Overview EFA-SRT® • As inside door or as an additional hall • Wind load class 0-3 • Door leaf made of flexible, transparent, • On request as stainless steel design • 150,000 loadings per year with The EFA-SRT® is a real all-round solution! It is sui- table as an inside door or as an additional hall clo- sure. The high-speed roll-up door from EFAFLEX is a high-quality solution for every opening that is passed by forklift trucks extremely often Select the high-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT® from two different drive systems. For highly fre- quented passageways, EFAFLEX recommends a high-speed...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 6

EFA-SRT® with special curtains The EFA-SRT® is also available with three special Special curtain 2: Flame resistant. curtains. Each has different properties and is The optimum variant, if you require a ame resi- suitable for different applications. All curtains stant curtain for your EFA-SRT®. Made of ure- consist of a transversely stable material and are thane-impregnated polyester able to withstand higher wind loads due to this. All curtains are silicone free. Special curtain 3: For spray booths and spray systems. Special curtain 1: For food logistics. Special curtain, free of substances...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 7

EFA-SRT® with crash protection EFA-EAS On request we can provide your high-speed roll-up door with the EFA-EAS crash protection. This protective feature largely prevents expensive damage to the door leaf in the event of a crash. Reliable safety If only everything was so simple During a crash, the bottom door panel will be pressed out of its guides on both sides. Sensors With the EAS protection, you avoid unprotable signalize this to the control unit and stop the move- down times and your logistics is even more effec- ment of the door immediately. The door curtain and tive. Moreover, the...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 8

EFA-SRT® ECO: The economical door for inside The EFA-SRT® ECO impresses with its excel- Elaborate guides at the sides of the door leaf pre- lent price-performance ratio. Due to the space- vent undesired exchange caused by pressure dif- saving design, e.g. very slim side frames, special ferences and drafts. The standard door leaf is fully structural preparations are not necessary. The transparent and is provided with warning strips as EFA-SRT ® ECO is thus more exible in its appli- standard. Coloured curtains are also deliverable. cation than any other door. The guide proles made of...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 9

Overview EFA-SRT® For fast, safe material ow: The EFA-SRT ® ECO can also be installed in connection with automatic transportation systems or at runways. Clear way during power failures The weight balance system for the opening and closing of the door is based on maintenance-free and wear-free counterweights. During a power failure, quick and easy emergency opening is possible. For this, simply activate the pull cord. This releases the brake and the door opens on its own.

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High-speed roll-up doors - 10

EFA-SRT® -ST The exible all-rounder Innovative & safe Due to the EFA Soft Touch System (patent pending), all of your demands regarding a door curtain which remains inherently stable and unaffected by draft air and pressure differences, offering high speed, easy manual opening if necessary as well as collision and operator protection, are fullled in a unique way. This innovative technology combines the tensioning of the door curtain and the weight counterbalance with a collision and crash detection in one integrated system. In contrast to other constructions, the separated snap-in...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 11

• Unique collision protection • Control cabinet integrated in the frame • Frequency converter closing operations per year The ERA-SRI® Soft Touch high-speed roll-up door is a collision-resistant, reliable, space- saving and low-maintenance inside door which was specifically developed for heavy- duty industrial applications. Can cope with any crash The door system is equipped with a completely new collision protection and provides superior operational safety due to its flexible closing edge. If the door leaf should touch an obstacle or a person, the closing edge will easily bend in any...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 12

EFA-SRT® -EC The hygienic high-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT®-EC is the optimized solution for all internal passages with the highest hygienic requirements, such as in the production of foods. It fulls all requirements of the food industry. Our engineers have developed this door in close cooperation with the industry. EFA-SRT ®-EC is the EFAFLEX high-speed door for food and hygienic areas.

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High-speed roll-up doors - 13

Slanted towards more hygiene The cover of the winding shaft is slanted so that liquids can run off and nothing will drop onto the driveway or onto the food. This cover can be swung up with a few simple hand movements. Now you can easily clean the bottom side and the winding shaft is also easy to reach. Drive and control The electric and electronic parts of the microprocessors and frequency converters are housed in a V2A switch cabinet of protection class IP 65. Clean weight balancing Every part of the EFA-SRT®-EC is designed down to the last detail. The counterweight weightbalancing system...

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High-speed roll-up doors - 14

Overview EFA-SRT®-EC • Fulfils all usual food norms • Door design standard of stainless steel • Elastic curtain in various colours (meets HACCP and FDA requirements) The entire door design is made of stainless steel as standard. The elastic curtain fulfils HACCP and The EFA-SRT®-EC can be used in limited instal- lation conditions due to its space-saving design EC stands for "Easy Clean' You can easily loosen the locking of the frame Additional design detail: Cleaning agents and con- covers and swing open the frames for cleaning, densed humidity cannot accumulate inside the All of the inside...

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