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Technical innovation without compromise. EFAFLEX has been developing and constructing reliable high-speed doors for more than 40 years. However, the EFAFLEX brand doesn't just stand for reliability, in fact all of the doors offer the highest attainable standard of security and efficiency. More than 1,200 employees guarantee the best advice and the best service. Globally, and always in your area.

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Quicker. Safer. More efficient. Modern doors to satisfy the highest requirements. Energy saving is automatically included in the E FAFLEX technology. Since the desired temperature – whether warmth or cold – is maintained through the fast opening and closing speeds, the loss stays low. Premium quality pays off – you save Energy costs permanently. EFAFLEX door systems are primarily designed for use in high traffic areas. In these areas, they are under heavy strain and function reliably at all times. EFAFLEX, the inventor of spiral door technology, guarantees you a long service life. Energy...

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Skilled employees stand behind the technology. Reliable and dependable. The spiral technology developed by EFAFLEX, the smooth running door blade and the integrated counterweight guarantee long-lasting and trouble-free use of the doors. As the first high-speed door manufacturer, EFAFLEX regularly has its doors tested and, since 2008, continually certified by IFT Rosenheim (Institut für Fenstertechnik [Institute for Window Technology]).

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Our understanding of engineering is the basis for the premium quality of our highspeed doors. On the basis of our pioneering designs, we create technology which allows for the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and durability.

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EFAFLEX high-speed doors at a glance. High-speed spiral doors High-speed roll-up doors High-speed folding doors High-speed spiral doors are the globally unique result of many years of research, taking pleasure in innovation and the creative approach to the latest techno logy. All the doors in these series are based on the EFAFLEX spiral techno logy. High-speed doors from EFAFLEX in the S series achieve top speeds of more than 4 m / s. No other door with comparable properties even comes close to clearing the way so quickly. With high-speed roll-up doors, we offer economical door systems for...

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Cleanroom doors Cleanroom doors are the door system which is ideally suited for cleanroom applications. The EFAFLEX range includes this series of special doors which are uniquely tailored to specific applications in your business. Periphery & safety Together we can create the optimal configuration unique to your operating requirements by combining safety systems, controls and technical details especially for your application. The result is a perfectly matched technological unit which corresponds perfectly to your wishes and the actual requirements. High-speed doors for special applications...

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The EFAFLEX spiral door: the unrivalled original. The perfection of the door blade guidance in the EFAFLEX spiral is still unique. Only this design brings the highest opening speeds, durability and effectiveness together so well. The lynch pin: The door blade is not wound onto a shaft, but rather is held apart to save space by the spiral-shaped guide. EFAFLEX invented this functional principle and has continuously developed it – with unique advantages for you. Maximum service life High-speed doors of the S series from EFAFLEX run quietly and almost wear-free. No other mechanical principle...

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General brochure The world of doors - 13

EFA-SST® high-speed spiral door The high-speed spiral door is the c lassic amongst EFAFLEX highspeed doors and is one of our most s uccessful series with a wide variety of onfigurations available. c Thanks to the optimal functionality and the out standing physical properties of the door blade, our tried and tested EFA-SST® energy-saving door is the ideal hall closure. Revolutionary and trendsetting: the EFA-THERM® laths As the world's first high-speed door manufacturer, we offer t hermally separated EFA-THERM® insulation laths as standard for the EFA-SST. As a result, we achieve outstanding...

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We have developed a wide range of basic models accommodating your various requirements for a high-speed door: EFA-SST® PREMIUM Designed for long-term industrial use, this model easily copes with circa 250,000 loadings per year. The opening speed is up to 2.5 m / s and specification includes a secure lock and the TÜV [German Technical Inspection Association] tested EFA-TLG® safety system as standard. The capacity of the EFA-SST® ECO is significantly better than ave rage with up to 200,000 operations per year. Robust quality and the usual EFAFLEX reliability combined with opening speeds of...

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EFA-SST® ESSENTIAL The EFA-SST® Essential was specifically designed for areas with average traffic levels in which medium opening and closing speeds are sufficient. The focus here is not on the speed, but rather on the high quality and the enormous resilience of the EFAFLEX spiral door.

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EFA-STT® high-speed turbo door Quality you can trust. Crystal clear advantages Owing to its design, the high-speed turbo door is also an extremely resilient door system which, de pending on the model, is conceptually designed for up to 200,000 movements per year, with an opening speed of 3 m / s. Thanks to its solid construction, the high-speed turbo door from EFAFLEX is guaranteed to remain fully functional even in strong winds of up to 120 km / h. This is the absolute pinnacle in the in dustry. As a result, the EFA-STT® is also suitable for use in external applications, thanks to laths...

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The fastest vertically opening door in the world.

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EFA-STR® high-speed turbo roll-up door EFAFLEX has the fastest vertically opening door in the world. Thanks to the spiral technology, the EFA-STR® opens at the incredible maximum speed of 4 m / s. Your logistics gain speed and efficiency with the EFA-STR®. No brakes. No waiting. When every second counts, you are on the inside track with the EFA-STR®! Our fastest model guarantees you smooth operations and optimal traffic flow. Speed champion and expert in energy-saving Quick and safe: EFA-STR® with self-repairing door curtain The speed of the EFA-STR® results in another advantage which pays...

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