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safe high-speed doors High-speed folding doors

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F Series The horizontal folding motion of high-speed folding doors ensures that the entire vertical clearance is achieved immediately. F Series doors open at high speed and are capable of withstanding extreme loads. They protect against noise and draughts, save energy and offer impressive heat and sound insulation characteristics. EFAFLEX high-speed folding doors, used predominantly as external doors, are a component of modern industrial architecture. Thanks to the exceptional versatility in individual design, your high-speed folding door can be adapted perfectly to suit any facade.

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F Series High-speed folding doors - 4

EFA-SFT® The folding door for external • High-performance, low-maintenance exterior door • Up to 200,000 load cycles per year • Up to Class 4 wind resistance • Countless optional features The EFA-SFT® perfectly unifies functionality with aesthetics. The patented modular design reduces repair and maintenance require- ments to the minimum. No floor guide rails are required. We equip particularly large doors with special floor stoppers that stabilize the closed wings of the central leafes From outside, everything is a facade In terms of optional features, the EFA-SFT® is the most versatile of...

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F Series High-speed folding doors - 5

No more waiting: the EFA-SFT® gets moving Inner values also count The EFA-SFT® is made of aluminium and steel, a combination to meet highest quality standards. The standard load-bearing parts of the EFA-SFT® are made of galvanized sheet steel. The door blade consists of anodized, non-corroding aluminium and is equipped with a single acrylic pane that allows plenty of daylight into the building. As an option, double glazing can guarantee excel- lent heat insulation on your high-speed folding Even a several metre wide and high EFA-SFT® achieves opening speeds of up to 2.5 m/s. Inside a...

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F Series High-speed folding doors - 6

Power and reliability for high-speed folding doors We equip our F Series doors with a robust pneu- matic drive as a standard. This powerful drive has proven itself innumerable times in the past and has been developed to perfection. It can easily achieve a million load cycles. If you do not wish to use com- pressed air, we also supply electric motor-driven high-speed folding doors. Universal joint technology by EFAFLEX The wings of high-speed folding doors are joined using a EFAFLEX universal joint. The door wings are universally-mounted so they are under no stress at any time, guaranteeing...

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F Series High-speed folding doors - 7

Technical details: Interior door Lock-up doors Operating forces / safe opening Resistance against water ingress Air permeability* Direct airborne sound insulation RW* Maximum door blade speed* Vision panel single-walled / double-walled Non transparent infill single-walled / double-walled Steel design Galvanized sheet steel frame Stainless steel Powder coated in RAL colours Door blade Door blade modules made of anodized aluminium E6 / EV1 Fire class Building Material class DIN 4102 Designed for approx ... Load cycles per year Drive Electric motor with frequency converter Pneumatic with...

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EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG Fliederstrasse 14 D-84079 Bruckberg Telephone +49 8765 82-0 Facsimile +49 8765 82-100 www.efaflex.com info@efaflex.com Technological advancement. Pioneering design. EFAFLEX® is a registered and legally protected trademark. Subject to technical changes. Some diagrams depict special features. Overall design: www.creativconcept.de 01 | 16 For more than 40 years, EFAFLEX has developed and designed reliable and highly-efficient high-speed doors. With innovative technology and pioneering solutions for special requests, EFAFLEX continually provides...

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