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EFAPROTECT® Series - 1

EFAPROTECT® Series EFA-SST® Secure The safest high-speed door globally

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EFAPROTECT® Series - 2

EFA-SST® Secure: The safest high-speed door globally Security / Safety • Resistance class WK 4 acc. to DIN V ENV 1627-1630:1999-04 • Infrared light curtain (EFA-TLG®) • Locks automatically after each operating cycle Speed / Operation • Opening speed up to 1.0 m/s • Closing speed up to 0.6 m/s • Up to 250.000 operating cycles per year General • Patented technology • Max. sizes W = 4,000 mm, H = 5,000 mm* • Tested and certified by IFT institute Spiral design • Spiral construction ensures fast, while quiet operation • Designed to minimise contact, reducing abrasion to the door blade Door blade...

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EFAPROTECT® Series - 3

Maximum security meets maximum speed Top protection for your assets Burglary, robbery and vandalism – unfortunately in the modern era these crimes are no longer rare occurrences. Burglaries and robberies in particular are usually well organised and pre-planned, conducted by networks of criminals who have the necessary means to forcibly gain entry to property and steal valuables. People wishing to safeguard against these risks often resort to electronic security detection and alarm systems – however, these can complicate logistical processes and result in the slowing down of internal...

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EFAPROTECT® Series - 4

EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG Fliederstraße 14 DE-84079 Bruckberg / Germany Telephone +49 8765 82-0 www.efaflex.com info@efaflex.com Technological advancement. Pioneering design. EFAFLEX® is a registered and legally protected trademark. Subject to technical changes. Some diagrams depict special features. Overall design: www.creativconcept.de 04 | 20 For more than 40 years, EFAFLEX has developed and designed reliable and highly-efficient high-speed doors. With innovative technology and pioneering solutions for special requests, EFAFLEX continually provides the market with...

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