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TX LVDT Digital Controller


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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 1

DIGITAL CONTROLLER | TX LVDT Highly accurate measurement results without linearity errors. ■ Improves transducer linearity to 0,01% ■ High resolution (16 bit) ■ High dynamics ■ Digital output: CAN, USB-Interface ■ Analog output ■ High noise

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 2

LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are inductive sensors excellent for use in harsh industrial environments, e.g. high temperature and pressure ranges, as well as high accelerations and measuring cycles. The linearity optimization represents the main issue to LVDT transducers. The linearity is typically at a value of 0.3 %, values of less than 0.1 % are hardly to realize. The LVDT digital controller from eddylab, to which either one or two sensors can be connected, now considerably improves the linearity of inductive displacement transducers. THE BASIC PRINCIPLE The...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 3

TX LVDT | TECHNICAL DATA TECHNICAL DATA TX LVDT DIGITAL CONTROLLER channels operating temperature range storage temperature range protection class housing IP40 anodised aluminium with rubber feet, stackable, optional DIN rail mount housing size weight Supply supply voltage current consumption power on peek current reverse polarity protection protection circuit bipolar suppressor diode 36V / polyfuse 0.5A isolation voltage Analog output output signal filter corner frequency max. working resistance (current output) temperature coefficient electronic switching-on delay (boot-time) switching-on...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 4

4 TECHNICAL DRAWING | TX LVDT TECHNICAL DRAWING ■ USB ■ The TX LVDT digital controller provides a USB port (USB 2.0 High Speed). ■ device configuration (filter, linearisation, CAN bus) ■ data exchange with a PC or notebook via eddylab Windows software or via protocol ASSIGNMENT SENSOR SUPPLY VIA A 4-POLE M12 PLUG CONNECTOR (SOCKET) PLEASE USE ONLY SHIELDED SUPPLY CABLES AND SET THE SCREEN ON ONE SIDE (TO AVOID GROUND LOOPS)! The electronics also provide a CAN-bus interface (controller area network). Wiring is achieved with a CAN-bus cable. The first and the last device on a CAN bus must be...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 5

■ EDDYMOTION LVDT Powerful Windows software incorporating two major functions: ■ Oscilloscope, Data logger ■ free-download. ■ DIN RAIL CONNECTOR ■ The DIN rail connector provides an easy and secure mounting of the TX LVDT digital controller in a switch cabinet by simply snapping it onto a 35 mm DIN rail (DIN50022). ■ Disassembling can be done by pulling the easy accessible latch. ■ Stacking of several electronics can save lots of space in the switch cabinet. Therefor, please use the included housing connectors. ■ M12 CABLE FOR POWER SUPPLY Cable with straight connector: Cable with angled...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 6

■ WALL PLUG TRANSFORMER ■ nominal input voltage: ■ output voltage: ■ output current: ■ temperatur range: ■ protection class ■ cable length ■ terminal ■ RAIL-POWER SUPPLY QUINT4-PS/1AC/24DC/1.3/SC Extra slim power supply - only 22.5 mm wide. Reliable start-up of several eddy current basic devices is guaranteed by a 100% POWER BOOST. Reliability is also achieved on difficult global networks. The supply will remain stable even if transient or static voltage failure occurs. Well dimensioned capacitors bypass power failures of more than 43 ms. ■ nominal input voltage: ■ output voltage: ■ output...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 7

TX LVDT | SOFTWARE EDDYMOTION LVDT SOFTWARE EDDYMOTION LVDT – OPTIONAL USE EDDYMOTION – WINDOWS ANALYSIS-SOFTWARE VIA USB eddyMOTION LVDT is a powerful windows software which is available for the TX LVDT controller featuring Oscilloscope and Data logger function. eddyMOTION LVDT is available as a free-download. The sampling rates are 38 kSa/s for a single-channel device and 22.5 kSa/s for a dual-channel device. Furthermore eddyMOTION LVDT is used to configure the TX LVDT Digital Controller. Triggering a tuning fork Sampled data is displayed with basic measurements in the style of a...

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TX LVDT Digital Controller - 8

eddylab GmbH Ludwig-Ganghofer-Str. 40, 83624 Otterfing E-Mail: Internet:

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