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SM-F18 - 1

SM-F18 SERIES | LVDT Inductive Position Transducer: Designed for integration into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders or servo valves. ■■ M18x1,5 mm integral thread ■■ Linearity up to ±0.10 % of full scale ■■ Operating pressure 150 bar ■■ Protection class IP67 or IP68 ■■ Max. temperature up to +200 °C

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SM-F18 - 2

2 TECHNICAL DATA I SM-F18 SERIES LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are inductive sensors excellent for use in harsh industrial environments, e.g. high temperature- and pressure applications, as well as high accelerations and measuring cycles. The SM-F18 series offers ultimate reliability and precision in a small size, and is designed for industrial and lab use. The position transducer is a pressurized hydraulic model up to 150 bar for installation directly in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The sensors can also be used under water because of their high protection class....

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SM-F18 - 3

SM-F18 SERIES | TECHNICAL DIMENSIONS TECHNICAL DIMENSIONS RANGE (FS) CABLE/ CONNECTOR RADIAL [MM] SPRUNG LOAD MECHANICS [MM] Other measurement ranges are available on request. ■■ TYPE: FREE CORE (D), PUSH ROD UNGUIDED ■■ AUSFÜHRUNG: STÖSSEL GELAGERT ■■ TYPE: PUSH ROD GUIDED ■■ TYPE: SPRING LOADED Please note that the stated end travel and start travel (see detailed picture) are standard values. When calibrating the sensors we are aiming for

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SM-F18 - 4

4 SENSOR TYPES | SM-F18 SERIES SENSOR TYPES ■■ CABLE /CONNECTOR OUTPUT AXIAL /RADIAL Sensors with cable output have a cable fitting and a spring for bend protection of the cable. For installation, the bending radius should not be less than 3 times the cable diameter. The standard cable length is 2 m. Instruments with option H for temperatures up to 150 °C/ 200 °C feature a PTFE cable. ■■ CONNECTOR OUTPUT (CABLE WITH STRAIGHT OR ANGULAR CONNECTOR) For sensors with connector output the cable has to be ordered separately. You can choose from a cable with a straight connector or with an angular...

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SM-F18 - 5

assignment for TPE-cable: white (5): primary 2 black (6): secondary 2 brown (9): primary 1 blue (8): secondary 1 assignment for PTFE-cable: white (5): primary 2 green (6): secondary 2 yellow (9): primary 1 brown (8): secondary 1 If not specified otherwise the cable electronics is placed at 1 m from the end of the cable. ■ Connection The external electronics IMCA is designed to be installed in switch cabinets (Din-rail mounting). The connection to the sensor is conducted as connector with push-in spring connection. At harsh EMC environments, it is possible to install the electronics at a...

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SM-F18 - 6

ADJUSTMENT OF ZERO POINT AND GAIN Each sensor, manufacted by eddylab, is basically adjusted and calibrated. You will receive a traceable calibrated measurement equipment, adjusted and tested in the company‘s own high-end calibration laboratory, and a calibration certificate. Please note: If the zero point or gain is changed the calibration certificate will lose validity. The potentiometers shall be protected by a label against unauthorised access. In some cases, it is necessary to adjust the zero point and gain, e.g. with hydraulic cylinders or reduced measurement ranges. In this case, the...

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SM-F18 - 7

SM-F18 SERIES I ORDER CODE 7 ORDER CODE SENSOR SM X _ X _ X -F18- X X X X X X X measurement ranges [mm] ^d^ cable / connector output 50 / 100 /200 1 = radial connector output M12 (no cable) ^b) type A = free core (c) cable/ connector KA = axial cable output KR = radial cable output S2: sensor with cable output, open cable end (for IMCA) A = TPE cable 2 m D = PTFE-UL cable 2 m (option H) E = PTFE-UL cable 5 m (option H) F = PTFE-UL cable 10 m (option H) S3: sensor with cable output for KAB G = TPE cable 2 m K = PTFE-UL cable 2 m (option H) L = PTFE-UL cable 5 m (option H) M = PTFE-UL cable...

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SM-F18 - 8

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