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2 EDDYLAB GMBH | PRODUCT OVERVIEW MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY FOR SENSING DISTANCE AND POSITION eddylab GmbH is a modern company, which has been passionately developed, engineered and produced sensors for the measurement of distances and positions, for 20 years. We even provide entire system solutions. The company is based in Otterfing, in the south of Munich. The development, production and sales of the sensors are carried out from here. In addition, we are able to provide our customers a worldwide network of distributors. Our experts have extensive application experience and offer competent,...

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Product Overview - 3

PRODUCT OVERVIEW | EDDYLAB GMBH Development of specific sensors Are you looking for precisely measuring sensors that provide exact measuring results for your specific application? Then we are the right company for you. As a specialist in distance and position measurement technology, we produce high quality sensors for your applications on a daily basis. Production of high-precision sensors Constant innovation and development are essential aspects of our business today and, thus, an integral part of our daily work. With the know-how accumulated by our team over many years, we are able to...

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Product Overview - 4

PRODUCT OVERVIEW | INDUCTIVE SENSORS − LVDT INDUCTIVE SENSORS − LVDT The measuring system Insensitive and reliable. LVDT displacement transducers from eddylab GmbH are inductive full bridges that work virtually wear-free. The differential measuring principle of our LVDTs ensures minimum temperature effects on the results of the measurements. Therefore the system is insusceptible to electromagnetic external interference. The LVDTs are characterized by their exceptional ruggedness and reliability under harsh conditions, despite their high resolution and repeat accuracy. Even demanding...

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Product Overview - 5

5 INDUCTIVE SENSORS - LVDT | PRODUCT OVERVIEW OVERVIEW SERIES − LVDT Our standard series for almost all applications in industry and laboratory Ultra robust LVDT series with spring loaded and air actuated versions. Measurement ranges up to 300 mm ■ Various possibilities of configuration ■ Push-rod guided and unguided, spring loaded ■ Linearity up to 0,10 % ■ Measuring ranges 2...200 mm ■ Measuring ranges 10...300 mm ■ Type: spring loaded mechanism, pneumatic version PR1: pressurized air extends push rod, pneumatic version PR2: pressurized air retracts push rod Ultra-robust construction,...

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Product Overview - 6

PRODUCT OVERVIEW | INDUCTIVE SENSORS − LVDT Designed for applications in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Pressure resistant up to 150 bar Designed for integration into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and for servo valves. Pressure resistant up to 150 bar ■ IMCA - LVDT EXTERNAL ELECTRONICS ■ KAB - LVDT CABLE ELECTRONICS External electronics for switch cabinet installation Cable electronics integrated in sensor cable ■ Push-rod, spring loaded ■ Linearity up to 0,10 % ■ Measuring ranges 2...200 mm ■ Output signal 0…10 V, 0…5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V, 4…20 mA, 0…20 mA ■ DIN EN-rail ■ Cable break...

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Product Overview - 7

7 EDDY CURRENT SENSORS | PRODUCT OVERVIEW EDDY CURRENT SENSORS The measuring system Eddy current sensors detect the distance or the change to metal objects without contact, dynamically and extremely accurately. The TX electronics which are specially adapted to the respective sensor calculate an analog output signal proportional to the distance. In addition, there is a USB and CAN interface for reading the data. The eddyMOTION software for configuration and analysis of the measurement data is the perfect complement to the TX series. For more information see

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Product Overview - 8

PRODUCT OVERVIEW EDDY CURRENT SENSORS OVERVIEW SERIES − EDDY CURRENT SENSORS High-end-product for almost all applications in industry und laboratory High precision analog eddy current sensors Ultra-compact sensors with ceramic housing, pressure- and temperatureresistant New eddy current sensors for long measuring ranges up to 45 mm Eddy current measuring system for turbo speed measurement and gap control on turbo vanes and shafts Low-cost series with integrated electronics ■ Measuring ranges 0,5...10 mm ■ Linearity up to 0,15 % ■ Various sensor head models available ■ 1- and 2- channel TX...

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Product Overview - 9

9 EDDY CURRENT SENSORS | PRODUCT OVERVIEW OVERVIEW SERIES − EDDY CURRENT SENSORS ■ CT SENSORS Pressure-resistant sensors for extremely harsh conditions ■ Measuring ranges 0...10 mm ■ Linearity 0,15 % ■ Pressure resistant up to 220 bar ■ Protection class IP68/69K ■ Protection hose EDDY CURRENT SOFTWARE TOOL EDDYMOTION Windows analysis software tool via USB eddyMOTION is a powerful windows software used in conjunction with the TX-Driver. The targeted area of application is the visualisation and documentation of mechanical motion and the on-site linearization of eddy current sensors....

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Product Overview - 10

10 MAGNESCALE DIGITAL GAUGES | PRODUCT OVERVIEW DIGITAL GAUGES | MAGNESCALE The measuring system Magnescale® (formerly SONY Precision Technology) gauges are high-precision sensors which, through their unique magnetic measuring principle, permanently achieve a resolving power of up to 0.1 microns and an accuracy of up to 0,5 µm, even under difficult conditions. The newly developed shaft keyway bearing of the DK800S series guarantees a lifespan of more than 130 million strokes. With their RS422 compatible output signal, digital gauges are the ideal sensors for automated manufacturing....

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Product Overview - 11

PRODUCT OVERVIEW DIGITAL GAUGES OVERVIEW SERIES − DIGITAL GAUGES ■ DS SERIES WITH USB INTERFACE High precision digital gauges with measuring ranges up to 30 mm The digital gauge can be interfaced to a PC easily Compact and slim gauges with measuring ranges up to 60 mm High accuracy, rugged gauges. Suitable for installation on machine ■ MG-40/41 MULTI POINT MEASURING DEVICE Measuring device - up to 100 digital gauges Measuring device - up to 32 digital gauges of DK and DT series ■ Resistant to water and oil ■ Resolution up to 0,1 µm ■ Linearity up to ±0.5 μm ■ TTL Linedriver (RS422) ■...

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