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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 1

incremental scale - Available measurement ranges: 200...50.000 mm - Resolution 5 pm - Output signal A/B/Z Linedriver (RS422) - Resistant against dirt, vibration, humidity and oil - Displacement speed up to 2 m/s - Linearity ±40 pm/m - Working temperature -20...+70 °C - Protection class IP67 - Easy installation

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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 2

The magnetic tape MB is a incremental linear measurement system consisting of a measurement tape and a reading head. The tape, which is scanned by the reading head without any mechanical contact, can be easily installed by a self-adhesive foil. A protective stainless steel cover tape is included in the delivery and should be used in applications with dirt and swarfs. It is the users choice which part of the measurement system is installed movable (e.g. carriage) and fixed (e.g. machine base). Magnetic measurement systems are generally immune to dirt, oil, vibrations and shock. But those...

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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 3

TECHNICAL DRAWING ELECTRICAL CONNECTION READING HEAD MB Reading Head MB-LKM-2552-KA: Sub-D connector, 9-pole, compatible to displays LG20, LH70 Adapter cable for reading head MB-LKM-2552-KA: ADP-DSUB-DE9 for connection to REX displays cable end 1: 9-pole Sub-D connector (female), 0,1m shielded cable cable end 2: open end Wire color INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Tolerances for installation

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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 4

DISPLAY The LH70 display is a high performance counter for general-purpose machine tools, like milling machines and lathes. The LG20 offers standard functions and is the perfect choice for simple applications. The displays of the REX series fit into most industrial applications and offer a display up to 8 digits. Most REX displays are equipped with interfaces for an easy data transfer to the PLC or an computer. Display series overview REX-Z-D340 General purpose display General purpose display General purpose display Display with standard functions High performance display for milling...

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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 5

Measurement range in 200 mm steps [mm] Magnetic tape MB-xxxx-2-ST different price categories depending on the length Reading head MB-LKM-2552-KA Accessories ADP-MB-LKM adapter cable, 0,1 m, open end Display LG20-1 Digital display, 1 axis LG20-2 Digital display, 2 axes LG20-3 Digital display, 3 axes PSC23 Power supply unit for LG and LH

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MB-LK, MB-LKM ® - 6

Subject to change without prior notice. eddylab GmbH Tel. +49 (0)8024 46772-0 E-mail

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