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Inductive Sensor SLT - 1

SLT SERIES | LVDT Inductive Transducer: Ultra robust LVDT series with spring loaded and air actuated versions. ■■ Measurement range 10...300 mm ■■ Linearity up to ±0.10 % ■■ Housing ø20 mm ■■ Protection class up to IP67 ■■ Working temperature up to 200 °C ■■ External or cable electronics wi

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 2

2 TECHNICAL DATA I SLT SERIES in harsh industrial environments, e.g. high temperature and pressu-a fully stainless steel housing which makes them suitable for harsh LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are inductive sensors excellent for use re ranges, as well as high accelerations and measuring cycles. Based on the SL series, the SLT probes are also characterized by an ultra robust construction and environments. The combination of a hardchrome plated shaft with 6 mm in diameter and precision bearings guarantees highest resistance to lateral forces on the push rod. There are...

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 3


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Inductive Sensor SLT - 4

4 SENSOR TYPES I SLT SERIES Sensors with cable output have a cable fitting and a spring for bend protection of the cable. The standard cable length is 2 m. For sensors with connector output the cable has to be ordered separately. You can choose from a cable with a straight connector or with an angular connector. The connector is protected from accidental removal by a threaded fitting (M12). When bolted, the connector pair has the protection class IP67. assignment for TPE-cable: white (5): primary 2 assignment for PTFE-cable: white (5): primary 2 TECHNICAL DATA - ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS IMCA...

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 5

CABLE ELECTRONICS KAB FUNCTION If not specified otherwise the cable electronics is placed at 1 m from the end of the cable. ■ Connection The external electronics IMCA is designed to be installed in switch cabinets (Din-rail mounting). The connection to the sensor is conducted as connector with push-in spring connection. * Terminals 1 and 7 are internally connected. ADJUSTMENT OF ZERO POINT AND GAIN Each sensor, manufacted by eddylab, is basically adjusted and calibrated. You will receive a traceable calibrated measurement equipment, adjusted and tested in the company's own high-end...

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 6

6 CABLE BREAK DETECTION | SLT SERIES The output signal is referring to the electric measuring range. If the sensor is operated outside the measuring range or the measuring range is exceeded, the signal is also outside the defined range (i.e. > 10 V/20 mA or < 0 V/4 mA, in the graph: > 100 % or < 0 %). Please keep this in mind for control systems with cable break detection lower than 4 mA or for a maximum input voltage > 10 V of measuring instruments. If necessary install the sensor before connecting to the PLC. Running direction of signal: If the push rod is moving into the sensor, the...

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 7

ACCESSORIES■ MOUNTING PARTS ■ CONNECTION CABLE (SHIELDED) FOR CONNECTOR OUTPUT CABLE M12 WITH ANGULAR CONNECTOR CABLE M12 WITH STRAIGHT CONNECTOR FEELER MATERIAL OF TASTKOPF-01 FEELER BALLS: steel: for standard applications ruby: much harder and wear resistant than steel, non-conductive, for all applications except for measuring on aluminium and cast iron ceramics: comparable to ruby, best choice for measuring on aluminium and cast iron

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Inductive Sensor SLT - 8

8 ORDER CODE I SLT SERIES SLT X X X-XXXXX H W W ^a^ measurement ranges [mm] ^d^ cable / connector output 200 / 300 1 = radial connector output M12 (no cable) (b)type T = spring loaded (c) cable / connector KR = cable radial S2: sensor with cable output, open cable end (for IMCA) A = TPE cable 2 m D = PTFE-UL cable 2 m (option H) E = PTFE-UL cable 5 m (option H) F = PTFE-UL cable 10 m (option H) S3: sensor with cable output for KAB G = TPE cable 2 m K = PTFE-UL cable 2 m (option H) L = PTFE-UL cable 5 m (option H) M = PTFE-UL cable 10 m (option H) temperature range 1 = -40... + 120 °C...

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