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AX Series - 1

AX SERIES|EDDY CURRENT PROBES eddy-current sensors with an waterproof and pressure-tight, high resolution analog electronics. ■ 1 and 2 channel drivers ■ Sensor protection class IP68 ■ Driver protection class IP40 or IP68 ■ Analog output ■ Low current consumption ■ High dynamics ■ High electromagnect

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AX Series - 2

EDDY CURRENT MODEL ILLUSTRATION For more than fifteen years we have been occupied with the development and production of high-quality eddy current probes and drivers for industry and research. The AX driver series offers precise and high-resolution eddy current measurements with analogue output. Eddy current probes are particularly suitable devices for non-contact measurements on metallic targets. Typical applications are measurements on rotating shafts for the detection of imbalance, vibration, out-of-roundness, air gap, radial/axial run-out, and much more besides. The extremely high...

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AX Series - 3

AX SERIES | TECHNICAL DATA TECHNICAL DATA AX EDDY CURRENT PROBE DRIVER channels operating temperature range storage temperature range protection class housing IP40, optional IP68 with LEMO connector anodised aluminium sealed with o-ring, mounting bores housing size weight Supply supply voltage current consumption power on peek current reverse polarity protection protection circuit bipolar supressor diode 36 V isolation voltage Analog output output signal linearity* filter corner frequency calibration material temperature coefficient electronic connection supply / output connection sensor...

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AX Series - 4


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AX Series - 5


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AX Series - 6

6 TECHNICAL DRAWINGS | AX SERIES TECHNICAL DRAWINGS ■ IP40 PROBE DRIVER WITH BNC CONNECTOR ■ IP68 PROBE DRIVER WITH LEMO CONNECTOR ■ SUPPLY VIA 4-POLE M12 PLUG CONNECTOR (SOCKET) View of the unit and the soldering side of the mating connector. Pin 1 (brown) Pin 2 (white) Pin 3 (blue) Pin 4 (black) V+ signal channel 1 GND signal channel 2 For connecting the power, shielded cables in various lengths are available (see accessories). Please use only shielded supply cables and set the screen on one side (to avoid earth loops)! Note: Wrong connection of supply voltage at the output coulddamage...

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AX Series - 7

Choose a dry location, preferably with a stable temperature for the electrical installation (eddy current basic module) such as electrical cabinets, terminal boxes, housing, etc. Connect the supply line, probe lines and output lines. Please ensure that all supply and signal lines are laid separately from energy-carrying lines such as supply and discharge lines from converters and drives, lines from ovens and synchronised appliances or generator lines, etc., in order to avoid malfunctions in the signal behaviour. Please use shielded supply lines only and apply the shield to one side to avoid...

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AX Series - 8

8 ORDER CODE | AX SERIES METALLIC OBJECTS IN THE MEASUREMENT FIELD Please note that metallic objects such as screw heads, bolts, etc., located in the measurement field in both a radial and axial direction (or which cross the measurement field during rotation), can become disturbance variables in the signal. PRECAUTIONS ■ Never shorten the probe‘s coaxial cable. The probe, cable and electronic system form a coordinated oscillating circuit. ■ Lay the cable so that it is protected and avoid running it along objects with sharp edges. A cable that has been squashed or damaged in another manner...

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