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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology


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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 2

MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WASTE HEAT TAEH ETSAW RUOY Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is a key techno logy used for generating electricity from decentralized heat sources. Thanks to its efficiency and flexibility, the ORC technology can be used to profitably recycle unused ther al energy at temperatures between m 90 and 600 °C. ORC technology by Dürr Cyplan: » CO 2 -free electricity generation from waste heat »» Increase in energy efficiency »» Conservation of resources »» More independence through the use of self-generate

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 3

ORC TECHNOLOGY BY DÜRR CYPLAN NALPYC RRÜD YB YGOLONHCET CRO Mains Heat source (e.g. industrial waste heat, engine waste heat) The ORC process is a steam cycle that uses heat to generate electricity. First, hot exhaust gas flows from the heat source (e.g. combustion engine) into the ORC module. There, the working medium is evaporated by the thermal energy. The pressurized steam is led into a turbogenerator, where part of its thermal energy is converted into electricity. Thereafter, the vapor is condensed by cooling, and a pump injects the liquid working medium back into the evaporator....

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 4

AREAS OF APPLICATION NOITACILPPA FO SAERA Gas turbines Furnaces Dürr Cyplan ORC technology Solar heat Geothermal systems The ORC technology by Dürr Cyplan offers solutions for high and low-temperature applications lamrehtoeG smetsys yrtsudnI »» Engines / CHP units »» Biogas /natural gas »» Landfill gas / gas from nalpyC rrüD ygolonhcet CRO »» Furnaces »» Biomass »» Waste »» Wellhead generators »» Research power stations taeh raloS purification plants »» Other fuels »» Geothermal systems »» Modular geothermal power »» Industry »» Industrial production processes »» Residual steam »» Thermal...

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 5

PRODUCT OVERVIEW WEIVREVO TCUDORP Standardized compact modules for use in all your applications and areas »» Our ORC plants are available as ORC module scope of delivery High temperature » Gross effectiveness up to 22 % » Min. 300 °C » Min. 220 kWth Inverter Cover standardized compact modules within a capacity range of 40 kW to 1.000 kW electrical output. »» Both high and low-temperature heat sources can be used for generating electricity. »» In high-temperature plants, the condensation heat can be supplied at a temperature which enables further use and thus combined heat and power...

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 6

RELEASE ENERGY WITH US! !SU HTIW YGRENE ESAELER Dürr develops tailor-made ORC solu ions t for your application. From consulting to engineering, production and commis sioning, through maintenance and service – your satisfaction is our goal. Our ORC know-how for you: »» Consulting, proposals and planning for new projects and repowering »» Remote surveillance and monitoring »» First-class service solutions, expert maintenance and repair services »» Training and seminars in our test and development cen

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 7

DÜRR CYPLAN ORC TECHNOLOGY YGOLONHCET CRO »» Electricity generation using residual heat from combustion or production processes »» Pre-tested compact modules for a broad temperature and performance range »» High electrical efficiency with minimum power consumption »» Easy system integration thanks to direct evaporation technology »» Optional utilization of condensation heat »» Fully automatic operation and remote mon

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Organic Rankine cycle (orc) technology - 8

Dürr – Leading in Production Efficiency Five divisions, one goal: maximum production efficiency for our customers »» Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry »» Application Technology: robot technologies for the automatic application of paint as well as sealants and adhesives »» Measuring and Process Systems: balancing systems as well as assembly, testing and filling technology »» Clean Technology Systems: exhaust-air purification systems and energy-efficiency technology »» Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and systems...

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