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EcoCWave - 1

EcoCWave The all-round talent for aqueous part cleaning

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EcoCWave - 2

Part cleaning as a value-adding process ssecorp gnidda-eulav Increasing demands on cleanliness in component manufacturing impose a need for flexible system technology, optimized in terms of energy and costs. Dürr Ecoclean meets relevant industry quality standards and cleaning objectives with its individually configurable part cleaning systems – whether the aim is to clean mass-produced items in bulk, precision parts arranged in defined position, or large-size components made of metal, plastics or ceramics. Innovative technology, continuous product improvement and a customer-oriented...

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EcoCWave - 3

EcoCWave – the all-round talent for aqueous part cleaning gnina elc trap suoeuqa rof The EcoCWave is a powerful spray flood cleaning system with a vacuum-tight work chamber. At the user’s option, it can be equipped for either two or three independent cleaning steps. The use of upright cylindrical flood tanks, which have been developed for fine cleaning applications, ensure an optimized fluid management, a high flexibility and improved process quality. Offering a choice of two different work chamber sizes, the system enables you to make-up your individual specific batches. Therefore per-unit...

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EcoCWave - 4

EcoCWave – Leading in Production Efficiency ycneiciffE noitcudorP Our approach is Dürr Ecoclean’s way of showing its commitment to an efficient and sparing use of resources. Thanks to their energy- and cost-optimized design, our cleaning systems will reduce your process, material and per-unit product costs in a sustainable manner. Your benefits: Cleaning and process efficiency energY efficienT cleaning sYsTems »» Upright cylindrical flood tanks with dished bottom, perfect for withstanding changing pressure loads during filling and draining, and effective in preventing dirt deposits »»...

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EcoCWave - 5

simple and reliable control l o r t n o c e l b a i l e r d n a e l p mi s Our newly developed control panel provides full view of all process parameters. Its intuitive user interface allows an easy and safe operation of the system. Integrated real-time monitoring ensures that all system states are transparently mapped. »» Total of 50 cleaning programs, easy to program individually »» Self-explanatory buttons »» Integrated part visualization supports continuous process tracking (real-time monitoring) and optimized machine maintenance »» Straightforward, fast fault diagnostics »» Display of...

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EcoCWave - 6

EcoCWave – at a glance ecnalg a ta – evaWCocE Hardware and processes * »» Single-chamber cleaning system for aqueous »» Hot-air drying with filtered air »» Water-compatible vacuum drying at 300 m³ / h »» Intermediate drying of complex part geometries part cleaning »» Two or three cleaning stages for cleaning and rinsing processes »» Combinable cleaning processes: spray cleaning, immersion /injection flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning »» Upright cylindrical flood tanks »» Frequency-controlled flooding pumps allow for individually adapted cleaning processes »» Optimized fluid management and...

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EcoCWave - 7

Technical data atad lacinhceT SYSTEM DIMENSIONS 2-tank system 650 mm work chamber 2-tank system 750 mm work chamber 3-tank system 650 mm work chamber 3-tank system 750 mm work chamber Height Footprint (not including loading system) Loading level (approx.) BASKET DATA Length BATCHES Batch weight (max.) POWER RATING Total power rating 56 -75 kW depending on equipment options taken Connected load OPERATING TEMPERATURE Washing, rinsing, preserving 1 Work chamber 2 3 4 Flood tank 7 Heat recovery 8 Condensate oil separator 9 10 11 Pumps and filters 12 Hot air dryer 13 Vacuum dryer 14 Sampling...

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EcoCWave - 8

Dürr – Leading in Production Efficiency Five divisions, one goal: maximum production efficiency for our customers Subject to change. The information in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics which may vary in actual cases. The requested performance parameters shall be binding only if they are explicitly agreed within the sales contract. © Dürr Ecoclean GmbH 03 / 2015 EN »» Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry »» Application Technology: robot technologies for the automatic application of...

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