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ADDING VALUE THROUGH THE PARTS CLEANING PROCESS SSECORP GNINAELC STRAP EHT SSECORP GNINAELC STRAP EHT Rising demands for the quality of parts require increasingly complex solutions from industrial parts cleaning processes. With its innovative range of standard and individually customized cleaning systems, Dürr Ecoclean meets the cleanliness requirements of the most diverse industry sectors all around the world. Perfectly adapted process engineering is a key component for efficient and customized cleaning solutions – irrespective of whether the parts to be cleaned are small or large,...

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» EcoCCore – maximum flexibility and high capacity with enhanced cost efficiency. EcoCCore – A NEW DIMENSION IN SOLVENT-BASED CLEANING GNINAELC DESAB-TNEVLOS NI GNINAELC DESAB-TNEVLOS NI Users benefit from Guaranteed availability and high efficacy are the deciding factors for the successful and efficient cleaning of parts. The system design of the EcoCCore combines all the benefits of a solventbased cleaning system with extremely simple operation. » A higher load capacity: increases throughput and lowers unit costs. » Adaptable operation: with hydrocarbons and modified alcohols for changing...

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EcoCCore – LEADING IN PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY YCNEICIFFE NOITCUDORP NI YCNEICIFFE NOITCUDORP NI With , Dürr Ecoclean demonstrates its responsibility for the efficient and careful use of resources. Thanks to continuous treatment of the medium, the energy-optimized system design with heat recovery and the low use of solvents, our solvent-based cleaning systems sustainably shorten your process times and lower equipment and unit costs, whilst guaranteeing quality and competency at the highest level. With the EcoCCore, you benefit from Efficiency » Environmentally and energy-efficient system...

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STRAIGHTFORWARD AND SAFE OPERATION GUARANTEED DEETNARAUG NOITAREPO EFAS DEETNARAUG NOITAREPO EFAS The operator can view all process parameters at a glance on the newly developed EcoCCore control panel. The straightforward and intuitive operation guarantees maximum safety and efficiency. » Self-explanatory touch screen buttons » Integrated partial visualization facilitates continuous process monitoring and optimizes maintenance » Complete visualization can be added for comprehensive process tracking of all areas with clearly laid-out process graphics » Automatic pressure and temperature...

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EcoCCore – AT A GLANCE coCCore coCCore CC ECNALG A TA – ECNALG A TA – eroCCocE oc Load size and weight Control panel » Flexible load composition of: » Industrial grade Siemens control panel with Media preparation Fully enclosed system housing » High-performance, continuous distillation » Hinged roof area for simplified 1 x basket 670 x 480 x 400 or 4 x baskets, each basket 480 x 320 x 200 mm » 200 kg load weight for reconditioning of the cleaning medium » Highly-effective filtration which can be adapted to individual requirements » Automated oil discharge to reduce system downtime a high...

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TECHNICAL DATA AND DIMENSIONS SNOISNEMID DNA SNOISNEMID DNA 1300 SYSTEM DIMENSIONS Width Loading height BASKET DATA Length Throughput according to workflow and processing time required Approx. 8 – 10 loads / hour Electrical connected load ENERGY EFFICIENT CLEANING SYSTEMS TOTAL CONNECTED LOAD Depending on equipment OPERATING TEMPERATURE Clean, rinse and preserve

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Dürr – Leading in Production Efficiency Four divisions, one goal: maximum production efficiency for our customers Paint and Assembly Systems: Paint shops and final assembly plants for the automotive industry and aerospace construction Application Technology: Robot and application technology for applying paint, adhesives and sealants Measuring and Process Systems: Balancing technology, cleaning technology and testing, filling and assembly products Clean Technology Systems: Exhaust air purification systems, energy efficiency technologies Subject to change. The information in this brochure...

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