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EcoCBelt - 1

EcoCBelt Beltwasher

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EcoCBelt - 2

»» Spray system for cleaning and / or rinsing Perfectly clean. Perfectly easy! The EcoCBelt. cleaning system metsys gninaelc .tleBCocE ehT Individually adaptable, short delivery times, cost-effective: the EcoCBelt cleaning system is distinguished by its concept that provides simple and flexible solutions both during purchasing and later when in use. Individually adaptable The cleaning system has a modular structure. Four different standard sizes are available, depending on the size of the work pieces and the required output rate. Additionally, it is also possible to equip the system with...

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EcoCBelt - 3

EcoCBelt – Benefits at a glance ecnalg a ta stifeneB »» Compact construction, ready for connection and small installation surface »» Problem-free integration into a production line and/or a production machine (decentralized or island solution) »» Diverse expansion options thanks to a modular structure »» Expansion of the cleaning process without affecting the cycle time »» Full utilisation of the existing outputs thanks to continuous operation »» Reproducible cleaning results »» Multi-level washing/rinsing process with hot-air drying »» High level of system availability due to low and...

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EcoCBelt - 4

Facts and Figures serugiF dna stcaF A Technology and procedure »» The standard version is available in four different con­ struction sizes that are adapted to the workpiece size »» Modular system structure: Clean – Rinse – Dry »» Cleaning process can be individually adapted to the 2,409 level of soiling of the workpieces »» Manual or automatic feeding interlinked to an existing transport system »» Continuous or cyclic transportation of parts, alternatively with belt or chain conveyors »» Adjustable belt speed »» Closed system housing with large maintenance openings for easy access * The...

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EcoCBelt - 5

Feeding station Drying process Discharge station Workpiece dimensions A = width Machine dimensions D = Feeding station 1 Cleaning module + drying module st I = Overall machine length 1 Cleaning module + 2 cleaning module + drying module st I = Overall machine length 1st Cleaning module + 2nd cleaning module + 3rd cleaning module + drying module I = Overall machine length

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EcoCBelt - 6

lanoitpO dna dradnatS The EcoCBelt can be designed individually to meet your respective cleaning requirements. The standard versions can be equipped with a variety of options. The adjacent table contains a list of all variants that can be used to achieve an optimum cleaning result. I ­ndividual adjustments that go beyond these variants are possible;­however they need to be planned and calculated in detail. In this case, please contact our sales team.

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EcoCBelt - 7

Basic installation Basic installation 3 Electronic control 4 Spray tunnel 6 Cleaning Module 7 Drying Module Cleaning module Drying module Bettdrive (brand: SEW) Temperature control Vertical pump Weekly timer With design casing Horizontal pump Tank level controls Fresh water supply Cleaning door Heating element with temperature control Draining valve Basket filter Extraction system Rubber curtains between the zones Siemens OP 77B Maintenance doors with Euchner locks Dürr finishing (RAL 7035 and 5002) Roller chain with wire hoops Stainless steel spray manifold Plastic nozzles Adjustable air...

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EcoCBelt - 8

Dürr – Leading in Production Efficiency Subject to change. The information in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics which may vary in actual cases. The requested performance parameters shall be binding only if they are explicitly agreed within the sales contract. © Dürr Ecoclean GmbH 12 / 2012 EN Four and Assembly Systems plant und baut Lackierereien our Endmontagewerke für die Automobilindustrie. Application Paintdivisions, one goal: maximum production efficiency for und customers Technology sorgt mit ihren Robotertechnologien für den automatischen...

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