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Dürr Ecoclean: Cleaning. Filtration. Automation.


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Cleaning. Filtration. Automation. Cleaning. Filtration. Automation. >

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Drr Ecoclean 4 - 5Member of the Drr Group D켼rr Ecoclean Group 6 - 7Your partner for cleaning, fi ltration and automation worldwide Cleaning Systems Industrial 8 - 9Needs-based cleaning for all industrial purposes Cleaning Systems Automotive 10 - 11Tailored solutions for the automotive industry Filtration 12 - 13Filtration technology and cooling lubricant processing of the highest standards Automation 14 - 15Perfectly automated and interlinked processes Dּrr Ecoclean Group 16 - 17Uncompromising quality Drr Ecoclean Group 18 - 19Were right where you need us >

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From its roots in Germany, D얼rr Ecoclean has grown into a company group acting worldwide. Its solutions for industrial parts cleaning, automation and fi ltration consistently set new standards. Cleaning offers needs-based standard solutions and tailor-made systems for cleaning and deburring work pieces, to fulfi ll the needs of the automotive industry, its suppliers and the diversifi ed industrial market.In order to meet all the requirements of the different markets for work pieces, soiling and system standardi-zation, the Cleaning division is split into Filtration offers the latest fi lter...

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Growing demands on the quality of components requires increasingly complex solutions for industrial cleaning. With innovative standard solutions and indi-vidually customized cleaning systems, Drr Ecoclean meets international requirements on cleanness in diverse industries such as the production of mechanical components, aviation and space fl ight, medical techno-logy, the food industry, electronics and laboratory equip- ment. Drr Ecoclean has solutions for all areas of wet chemical cleaning. Whether with aqueous cleaners, environmentally friendly hydrocarbons and modifi ed alcohol,...

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Cleaning Systems Automotive concentrates on customized solutions for the automotive industry. The quality and operational reliability of automobiles and com-mercial vehicles are fundamentally dependent on the cleanness of their individual components. In accordance with the special requirements of automobile manufac-turers and their suppliers, Drr Ecoclean develops and produces aqueous cleaning and deburring systems for large and medium-sized serial parts, such as those from the power train. The systems are customized according to customers needs. In order to offer the optimum so lu-tion in...

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More stringent quality regulations, growing cost pres-sure and stricter environmental protection requirements make the processing of industrial fl uids and cooling lubricants indispensable.H.R. Black and Henry Filters of the Drr Ecoclean Group have the process engineering know-how and the expe-rience to remove liquid and particle soiling from machining fl uids effi ciently. The services we offer range from local fi ltration systems for individual processing machines to complete central fi ltration systems for processing lines with tens of thousands of litres of fl uid in circulation per...

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Consistent sequential manufacturing steps are the pre-requisite for effi cient series production with a high level of quality. The automation division specializes in innova-tive systems for the fl exible handling of work pieces and future-oriented solutions for smooth material fl ow and the interlinking of manufacturing lines to ensure an optimized production process. System integration Core competence: Handling technologyՕ Conveyor systems Automation technologyՕ Layout planning Controls integrationՕ Simultaneous engineering From robots, conveyer systems and processing lines to complete...

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Anyone who wants their products to contribute to their customers value-added needs to supply top quality. This is why our installations and systems fulfi ll the highest international quality requirements. This is refl ected by both a wide variety of certifi cates, such as DIN ISO 9001, and by numerous awards.Uniform worldwide standards in consulting, production, support and service ensure that every product that bears the D쑼rr Ecoclean name is designed uncompromisingly to strengthen our customers competitive position. For us, this also includes integrated environmental protection. With...

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