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xEnergy switchboard systems for panel builders


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Eaton – convincing in terms of safety, performance and operational availability. Shift to Future – xEnergy switchboard systems for panel builders

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Energizing a world that demands more. We deliver: • Electrical solutions that use less energy, improve power reliability and make the places we live and work safer and more comfortable Hydraulic and electrical solutions that enable machines to deliver more productivity without wasting power Aerospace solutions that make aircraft lighter, safer and less costly to operate, and help airports operate more efficiently Vehicle drivetrain and powertrain solutions that deliver more power to cars, trucks and buses, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions Discover today’s Eaton. Powering...

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xEnergy: Controls systematically. Saves in three ways. Thinks ahead. With Eaton, you have a business partner who supports your expertise in every respect. With Eaton xEnergy, you have a switchboard system that provides you with a wide variety of options for reliable power distribution, motor control, automation and specific solutions to meet your customers' needs. The xEnergy system thinks ahead, it is designed to meet constantly increasing requirements. Designed to provide maximum efficiency in implementing your specific project needs, Eaton xEnergy provides the optimum solution for...

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Eaton provides solutions that greatly improve switchgear and staff safety solutions that significantly cut the risk of an operational failure and any related costs potentially threatening the survival of a company. Eaton has always been a pioneer in personal and plant protection. Our established protective circuit breakers and many innovations in this field are further improving safety for operating personnel. In applications from tunnel power supplies to the paper industry and data centres, an uninterruptible power supply is essential for protecting people and machinery. We provide...

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Earthquake protection Passive Arc fault protection Eaton has developed a comprehensive package for passive arc protection in xEnergy control cabinets. The concept of personal protection in control cabinets is based on the fact that the pressure generated by hot gases, which are formed during an arc in the control cabinet, can escape upwards and away from the enclosure. Short circuits in electrical systems can develop a huge destructive impact and endanger human life. This applies in particular to short circuits which cause an arc. Electric fault arcs produce a faulty connection between...

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Be it for healthcare or data centers, for industrial or sewage treatment plants: Panel builders put their trust in Eaton. More than any other provider of switchboard systems, this expert in safe power distribution knows all about the importance of operational availability and the consequences of downtimes. With xEnergy, Eaton offers a design-verified low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assembly to IEC61439-1 & 2 providing the ultimate safe, reliable and efficient system. Available in five basic panel types, this modular system will ”grow“ in line with the project requirements and can be...

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Consistently tested and documented in accordance with IEC61439 Low-voltage switchgear assemblies are classed as electrical operating equipment. A compulsory pre-requisite for lawfully releasing such operating equipment for sale and use within the European Union is their compliance with the requirements of some relevant European Directives (colloquially often called “CE-Directives”). However, low-voltage switchgear assemblies consist of different electrical operating equipment. A switchgear assembly includes - for example - circuit breakers, contactors, miniature circuit breakers, residual...

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xEnergy switchboard systems for panel builders - 9

Standards xEnergy complies with the following international standards IEC 61439-1 General rules IEC 61439-2 Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies IEC/TR 61641 Ed 2.0 Enclosed low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Guide for testing under conditions of arcing due to internal fault IEC 60529 Degrees of protection (IP Code) IEC 60068-3-3 Environmental testing - Part 3: Guidance. Seismic test methods for equipment IEEE 344 IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations IEEE 693 IEEE...

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XP Power Sections • Incoming supplies, outgoers and couplings with circuit breakers IZMX16/40 and Series NZM • Internal separation up to form 4 • Cable connection from the top or bottom • Incoming supply system for drill-free cable connection • Fixed or withdrawable • 3 or 4pole and 3p+N • 630 - 6300 A • Widths of 425 - 1350mm • Circuit breakers can be placed individually, next to each other or on top of each other (4 per section) XF outgoing sections for fixed outgoers up to 630A in Form 2b • Outgoers with circuit breakers PKZ, PKE, NZM, FAZ, • Section height 2000mm, section depth 600...

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XG General for general equipment to be installed • Empty sections for individual equipment to be installed e.g. Power Factor Correction, Large Variable Speed Drives, plc systems etc. • Fitting systems for devices for modular installation • Individual fixed units on a mounting plate • Control technology - mounting plates as high as the section or split ones can be installed • Section height 2000mm • Section depth 400/600/800mm • Section width 425/600/800/850/1000/1100/ 1200/1350mm • IP31, IP42, IP55 • Compatible with installation systems Profi+, EP IVS, Sasy60i XR Removable • Plug-in Motor...

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xEnergy Main - Busbar Top Using Eaton’s experience the xEnergy system is tailored to your requirements as a Panelbuilder: That is why the xEnergy system is constantly being developed to offer additional solutions to facilitate the changing requirements of the market. One example is the recently introduced: xEnergy Busbar Top. In the development of xEnergy Busbar Top, utmost attention has been paid to the compatibility of new components with the proven xEnergy system (Busbar Back). Thanks to its modular concept, the system grows with specific customer requirements. Free choice - free access...

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