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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker


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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 1

Low voltage Air Circuit Breaker - IZMX ... with Power Xpert Releases PXR Product Catalogue Powering Business Worldwide

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 2

Energizing a world that demands more. We deliver: • Electrical solutions that use less energy, improve power reliability and make the places we live and work safer and more comfortable Hydraulic and electrical solutions that enable machines to deliver more productivity without wasting power Aerospace solutions that make aircraft lighter, safer and less costly to operate, and help airports operate more efficiently Vehicle drivetrain and powertrain solutions that deliver more power to cars, trucks and buses, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions Discover today’s Eaton. Powering...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 3

The IZMX16 is the smallest air circuit-breaker in his class worldwide: With a volume of only 24 dm3 and a front surface of only 0.092 m2 it is just slightly bigger than the size of a DIN A4 sheet of paper! And all this without any loss in terms of performance. Because of its compact size it allows the user to create innovative concepts, like to install two circuit breakers side by side in withdrawable design, in a 600 mm wide section. This fact provides for a more cost-effective setup of the section and, in addition, it helps to save operating space. And where remote switching is required,...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 4

Adding individual solutions to IZMX circuit breakers provides both more protection for systems and more safety for personnel in case there is a failure. And it also reduces the risk of unintended interruptions of operation. These solutions include: • ARMS™ • ARCON® • Zone selectivity • Remote switching • Testing and documenting with PXPM ARMS™ (Arcflash Reduction Maintanance System) Eaton's patented Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System AMRS technology provides maintenance staff improved safety of downstream maintenance locations using a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 5

Zone selectivity ZSI Now always on board an can be enabled. Circuit breakers are directly connected to a signal line, without any additional modules. So, in case of short circuits, they ensure that only the circuit breaker immediately upstream the point of failure will break a short-circuit without delay. The advantage of the zone selectivity feature - compared to ordinary time selectivity - is the significantly reduced delay time until tripping. This reduces the thermal and dynamical load that protect the system in addition. In cases of a signal wire damage the backup time selectivity...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 6

The next generation trip unit platform: Power Xpert Release (PXR) The higher resolution dot matrix display has been enhanced to be always active, constantly displaying the status of zone selectivity (ZSI), battery condition and rated current In. All data can be transferred via Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet Power Xpert Release (PXR) with multiple new features communication function and for security, a password can be added to avoid unauthorised changes. In addition, a QR code has been added for easier identification and to access additional information. Software Power Xpert Protection Manager...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 7

High current circuit breakers, for example those used in high power distribution systems in industry, are configured and periodically tested by end users to ensure they continue to work reliably in case of over-currents, and therefore prevent expensive downtime. This new unit allows technicians to simulate or inject overloads, short circuits, ground faults , do internal current transformer test including its wiring, test with or without tripping and much more using the Software Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM). Dis-/Enable or change settings, enlarge tripping curves and print curves for...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 8

IZMX circuit-breakers, INX switch-disconnectors, up to 4000 A*) Eaton‘s series IZMX is an innovative line of circuit-breakers up to 4000 A. Engineering and mounting requirements are reduced thanks to only two compact sizes, the modular design and standard accessories. The highlight of the series IZMX: The trip unit family PXR trip electronics. It covers a huge amount of applications. And in conjunction with an optional communication on board ensures that operation can be monitored from all round the globe. The innovative IZMX16 enables two circuit-breakers with a width of only 600 mm to be...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 9

Circuit Breakers IZMX16, switch-disconnectors INX16 Circuit Breakers IZMX40, switch-disconnectors INX40 up to 4000 A System overview IZMX16 Circuit Breakers and accessories1_ IZMX40 Circuit Breakers and accessories3 Key to type references 4 Technical overview Technical data breaker5 Technical Data breaker Trip-unit6_ Zone selective interlocking 7 Description System features8 Components for communication9 Part no.e code 10 Ordering Basic devices Circuit Breakers IZMX16, 3 and 4 pole11_ Switch-disconnectors INX16, 3 and 4 pole15 Circuit Breakers IZMX40, 3 and 4 pole16 Switch-disconnectors...

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 10

2 Cassette for withdrawable units Shutters 3- and 4-pole With and without control circuit terminals 3 Main terminal kits Universal terminals, 3- and 4-pole horizontal/vertical/front 5 Motor operator Automatic charging of the spring force storage for remote or local operations 6 Current sensor for neutral conductor Current sensor for sensing the neutral-conductor-current. 7 Levering tool Convenient collapsible lev-in tool for lev-in and out operation of the Breaker in and out of the Cassette. The lev-in tool is stored inside the breaker.

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Switch Disconnector and Air Circuit Breaker - 11

IZMX Circuit Breakers, INX Switch Disconnectors Latch check switch For external application usage. Latch check switch For use with closing release. Closing releases Closes the breaker by an electrical signal. Key locking Locking of the breaker by a keylock. Shunt releases Opens the breaker by an electrical signal. Undervoltage releases Opens the breaker by a voltage-drop in the controlcircuit. Red-pop trip indicator Red-pop trip indicator signals a trip by the trip unit. Trip indicator switches Overcurrent trip switch (OTS) signals a trip by the trip unit for remove signalisation. Switching...

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