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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 1

Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT™ The cost-optimized communication system for switching devices Umschlag_SW-DT-Katalog.indd 1 23.03.11 09:22

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 2

SmartWire-DT™. Cost-optimized communication for switchgear Controlling Manufacturers of machines and systems strive to achieve a balance between the maximum level of functionality and cost optimization. SmartWire-DT is a Operation & monitoring Protecting communication system for industrial switchgear based on the concept of continued development in the control panel and in the peripherals: from control through to protection and switching, and extending to driving, operation and monitoring. A technology that benets you, both now, and in the future. Switching Drives SmartWire-DT: The easy way...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 3

SmartWire-DT - System Planning and ordering help (SWD-Assist) 3 SmartWire-DT gateways, I/O module, pilot devices RMQ-Titan 8 Modules for connecting DIL contactors, SmartWire-DT soft starter DS7 15 SmartWire-DT interface module for Power- and current consumption of the Technical data SmartWire-DT gateways, powerfeed module 22 SmartWire-DT I/O modules, digital 24 SmartWire-DT I/O modules, analog 26 SmartWire-DT connections for pilot devices RMQ-Titan, universal slave 28 SmartWire-DT modules for connecting DIL contactors, PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers, SmartWire-DT gateways, slaves 34

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 4

Secures your know-how SmartWire-DT significantly cuts your wiring requirement and helps you save costs across the entire value chain. From design through construction, programming, commissioning to extending your system. Utilizing Eaton's industrial switchgear, SmartWire-DT is based on tried-and-tested technology. SmartWire-DT makes Eaton industrial switchgear communications-capable. You can use the SmartWire-DT technology flexibly. The connection via standard fieldbus systems (e.g. PROFIBUS, CANopen) allows use on the controller platforms of many manufacturers. Another option is the use of...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 5 Seite 3 Dienstag, 29. März 2011 10:27 10 SmartWire-DT™ 3 Planning and ordering help (SWD-Assist) Planning and ordering help (SWD-Assist) SWD-Assist V1.30 Planning tool for the SmartWire-DT product range 01 ©2 E a to 1 by s trie n I ndu s G mbH . A ll R ights R es e rv e d .M a de in G e rm an y SmartWire-DT™ Planning and ordering help (SWD-Assist) • Easy generation of applications with the system SmartWire-DT • Integrated function for the generation of ordering lists • Integrated validity check • Online functionality –...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 7

Programmable logic Data plug Sub-D 9 pole 3 blade terminal 8 pole external device plug 8 pole SmartWire-DT Connection SmartWire-DT contactor DILM contactors SmartWire-DT contactor matic switch Motor protective circuit 14 (motor starter) Motor starter with electro- 17 Soft starter DS7 with elect- 18 ronic motor protection from Universal slave, front mount LED elements, front mount RMQ-Titan mounting adap- 22 terforflush mounting plates ments for front mount operating elements SmartWire-DT control panel 26 cable entry for flat to round plug connector RMQ-Titan indicator light adapter for...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 8

SmartWire-DT HMI-PLC Type with Front type Resolution Communicat Part no. SmartWire-DT HMI-PLC Integrated interfaces: SWD master, Ethernet 100/10, USB, communication interfaces

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 9

Gateways, I/O modules, power feed modules Description Part no. Price Std. pack Information relevant for export to Article no. see price list North America SmartWire-DT Gateways Gateway to the connection to the field bus and for supply of the SmartWire- Connection to PROFIBUS-DP as slave Automatic baud rate detection from 9.6 kBit/sto 12 Mbit/s Connection of up to 58 SmartWire-DT subscribers Connection to CANopen as slave Automatic baud rate detection from 10 Kbit/sto 1 Mbit/s Connection of up to 99 SmartWire-DT subscribers Connection Ethernet IP or MODBUS as slave. Address set with DIP...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 11

switch actuator RMQ-Titan, label with label 2 SmartWire-DT front moun- 3 RMQ-Titan, front mounting 4 adapterwiththree mounting front mounting Universal slave for front 10 device plug —>features elements for front mounting device plug —> page 17 SmartWire-DT flat band 14 ordering help —>features RMQ-Titan, surface moun- 16 ting enclosure surface mounting enclosure Cable gland for SmartWire- 18 elements for base fixing Universal slave for base 24 LED for base fixing —>fea- base fixing —> features base fixing for base fixing —^Features RMQ-Titan, Label mountfor 33 double actuator RMQ-Titan,...

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 12

Number of Contact Contact travel Configuration Colour LED Part no. Price Std. pack contacts sequence diagram Article no. see price stroke in connection list with front element Function elements Front fixing Base fixing Front fixing Base fixing SmartWire-DT function elements can be combined with RMQ-Titan operating elements M22... —^ HPL chapter "Pilot devices" Information relevant for export to North America

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 13

Configuration Colour Part no. Price Std. pack Information relevant for LED Article no. see price export to North America Front fixing ULCCN NKCR Base fixing ULCCN NKCR Fixing adapters Front fixing ULCCN NKCR PCBs for surface mounting enclosure M22-L. for mounting base function elements M22- ULCCN NKCR For bridging of open mounting locations on card. Base fixing ULCCN NKCR SmartWire-DT function elements can be combined with RMQ-Titan operating elements M22... —^ HPL chapter "Pilot devices"

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Product Range Catalog SmartWire-DT - 14

Contactor modules, PKE modules System overview motor protective circuit breaker with PKE-XTUA-... protective circuit breaker with PKE-XTUA-... trip block motor starters MSC-DEAup DOLstarters MSC-D based 4 Reversing starters MSC-R 5 SmartWire-DT flat band 6 Planning and ordering help, 8 motor starters MSC-DEAup DOL starters MSC-D based 10 Reversing starters MSC-R 11 device plug —> page 17 Power feeder module 13 module with relay outputs module with hand/auto Linkfor external device plug 18

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