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Photovoltaic for commercial application


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P hotovoltaic 2017 for commercial application Powering Business Worldwide

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Powering business worldwide Discover Eaton - a leader in the power management field Since 1911, when our company began trading as a small truck parts supplier, Eaton® Corporation has come a long way. Today, as a diversified power management company, Eaton has sales of $13.7 billion USD (FY 2010), employs 70,000 people and has customers in more than 150 countries. Everyday, we help companies across the world to manage power, and do more, while consuming less energy. Eaton's innovative products, solutions and technologies are designed to help customers manage power and conserve resources...

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Powering business more sustainably Sustainability - smaller footprint in the world Automotive A supplier of critical components that reduce emissions and fuel consumption and improve stability and performance of cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. Principal products include engine valves and valve train components, transmission and engine controls, supercharger, locking and limited slip differentials, cylinder heads, fluid conveyance components, body mouldings and spoilers. The principle of sustainability means meeting the current needs of our own society without compromising the...

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The sun provides life on our planet. As a source of energy, it holds unimaginable potential for supplying energy in the future. In view of the world's climate and energy goals, as well as the catastrophic events surrounding nuclear power plants, solar power is increasingly gaining importance. The industry is now experiencing increased demand for industrial-sized plants, such as solar roof systems atop commercial buildings, following enormous interest in the residential construction sector. Did you know ... ... that such a system with an output of 74 MW would be capable of generating approx....

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Eaton ensures the reliable availability of renewable energies - safe for people and good for the environment. From solar module to power grid Solar power is becoming increasingly more important and safety plays a decisive role. From the outset, it pays to invest in the right technology. Eaton delivers all products needed to safely transport energy from solar panels to the power grid. Reliable protection, separation and control technology provide for the safe operation of photovoltaic systems, using integrated or external separation equipment for automated and manual operation and for both...

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Photovoltaic for commercial application - 6

Quality and safety on the AC current level: Eaton AC components. Eaton also supplies everything on the AC level that you require for the safety and efficiency of your photovoltaic installation. Eaton components guarantee the best possible installation safety and assure reliable operation and optimum power feed. Protective switchgear such as MCBs, RCBs and combined RCBOs A new type of protective switchgear equipped with integrated and patentregistered digital technology adds even more safety and reliability to photovoltaic systems of the future. Digital RCBs featuring a B+ characteristic are...

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Photovoltaic for commercial application - 7

Medium-voltage systems XIRIA The circuit-breaker series NZM offers optimum installation protection up to 1600 A with four sizes. The air circuit-breaker IZM, also with four sizes, covers the power range up to 6300 A. Both series are characterised by their high switching capacities and comprehensive range of accessories and provide a solution for every application. Eight sizes allow you to cost-effectively engineer the required dimensions and ratings of the switch. Eaton panels are operating and monitoring devices that also can be used as control devices. Modern touch panels cater for clear,...

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Quality and safety for the entire DC current requirements: Eaton DC components. Power grid coupled photovoltaic systems feed the generated power directly into the electrical grid without complex and costly intermediate storage. An installation of this kind mainly consists on the DC end of solar modules, cables and different switchgear for operation, maintenance and protection in the event of a fault. Eaton provides you with a complete product range for protection, switching and isolation to safely and efficiently transport the solar energy from the individual solar modules to the power...

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Photovoltaic for commercial application - 9

The surge arrester SPPT2PA has been developed especial-ly for photovoltaic applications and protects the installations against transient overvoltages that can be induced by in-direct lightning strikes. Eaton provides versions for both earthed and unearthed installations, where spark gaps are used to ensure galvanic isolation. Naturally, the units are available as prewired readyto-use modules – just install and they are ready to go. The weather-proof CI enclosures with the enhanced degree of protection IP 65 are ideal for outdoor installa-tion. Thus, you can safely and cost-effectively...

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Photovoltaic for commercial application - 10

Photovoltaic plants convert the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun into electricity. The core element consists of solar panels (combined in modules) which separate photon bombardment into positive and negative charges. The term photovoltaic combines the Greek word "of light” (photos) and the name of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta. Sputnik Engineering AG Sputnik Engineering specialises in the development, operation and maintenance of inverters for grid connected photovoltaic plants. With SolarMax, the company offers a broad range of string inverters for private homes and central...

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PV-Fireman's switch Page 12 Surge Protection Page 20 Contactors DILM Grid & systems protection Page 47

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PV-SOL30X.. .-SAFETY fireman's switch • Rated operating voltage 1000 VDC • Rated operational current of each switch-disconnector 30 A • DC-21A utilization category • Switch-disconnectors tested to IEC/EN 60947-3 • Prewired ready for connection • IP65 protection type • Admissible ambient temperature range -25°C up to +60°C • Scope of application: DC isolation in photovoltaic systems between PV generator and inverter for disconnecting power • Remote tripping with integrated undervoltage release 230V, 50Hz • Undervoltage release responds with a delay of 0.6 seconds to bridge short-term mains...

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