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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 1

Power Xpert® FMX metal-enclosed Single Busbar, Solid- and Air-insulated Switchgear I EC Medium Voltage Switchgear up to 24 kV FMX Smart, Innovative Design offers Economic and Reliable Solution Powering Business Worldwide

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 2

Powering business worldwide Aerospace Eaton delivers the power inside hundreds of products that are answering the demands of today’s fast changing world. We help our customers worldwide manage the power they need for buildings, aircraft, trucks, cars, machinery and entire businesses. And we do it in a way that consumes fewer resources. Next generation transportation Powering Greener Buildings and Businesses Eaton is driving the development of new technologies – from hybrid drivetrains and emission control systems to advanced engine components – that reduce fuel consumption and emissions in...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 3

Eaton’s knowledge and understanding of industries, applications, technology and products enables us to offer customers safe, reliable and high performance solutions. We have been part of the Medium Voltage switchgear technology creation and therefore carry what’s needed with us – always! Complete MV switchgear solutions The series of Eaton Medium Voltage systems offers switchgear and components for applications in distribution networks (main stations, substations and transformer stations) and industrial power supplies. These technically high quality systems are air- or epoxy-resin insulated...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 4

FMX Smart, Innovative Design offers Economic and Reliable Solution Power Xpert® FMX is Eaton's IEC single busbar, solid- and air-insulated medium voltage switchgear system, for use up to 24 kV. The system provides reliable switching, protection, metering and distribution of electrical energy. The modern design system uses Eaton's state of the art technology and is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. Within the system our engineers have integrated Eaton core technologies, such as vacuum technology, solid insulation and electrical field control. More than a century...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 5

Features and Benefits (quick overview) Safe in Use Low Total Cost of Ownership User Friendly • Compartments protected against penetration by objects Low initial costs due to: • Panels minimum 500 mm width • Cable connection and user interfaces for operation on the frontside of the unit • Capacitive voltage detection system for verification of safe isolation from supply • Cable connection from the front (back to wall arrangement) • Ergonomic cable connection height of 750 mm from floor level • Operation only possible with closed cable compartment • Integrated arc channel with absorbers •...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 6

Basic Design The FMX system is modular in construction. This ensures that any panel combination and sequence is possible. In addition, the number of panels capable of being used in an installation is unlimited, as several sections can easily be connected. The panels in the FMX system are compact (min. 500 mm wide), resulting in considerable savings in costs and installation space. Circuit-breaker panel (example) 1. Protection relay 8. Manual operation panel with position indicator 3. Mimic diagram with push buttons for operation of circuit-breaker and twoposition change-over switch 4....

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 7

Main Components Vacuum circuit-breaker The vacuum circuit-breaker uses a simple and reliable electromagnetic mechanism for operation of the vacuum interrupters. The construction of the mechanical linkage between the actuator and the drive rod of each of the three vacuum interrupters is reduced in complexity, compared to a conventional spring-charged mechanism. Features • Environmentally friendly vacuum interrupters • Electromagnetic mechanism with controller • Mechanical lever for hand-operated operation (switch off) • Mechanical position indicator for Open / Closed position • Auxiliary...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 8

Eaton Core Technologies Solid insulation using cast resin technology Epoxy resin (cast resin) is used as high-quality primary solid insulation material around live parts. By using cast resin technology for solid insulation, Eaton design engineers can shape the parts specifically for optimal insulation, robust construction and cooling purposes. With many years of experience of design and manufacture of epoxy resin insulated components, we have learned to integrate conductors and vacuum interrupters directly into the moulding, and to make complex shapes. FMX utilises optimal field control...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 9

Innovative Electromagnetic Mechanism The advantage of an electromagnetic mechanism over a conventional spring operated mechanism To switch a vacuum interrupter effectively, the driving mechanism has to operate according to a specific forcestroke characteristic (-), see the diagram. Force-stroke characteristics - as required by vacuum switch - as offered by a conventional spring operated mechanism Stroke (mm) A conventional, spring operated mechanism has force-stroke characteristics (-) that differ greatly from the required characteristics. The required force-stroke diagram therefore has to...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 10

Reliable and Safe in Operation Eaton's proven technologies have been integrated in the design and development of the FMX in order to ensure that the switchgear is safe and has high operational reliability throughout its complete lifetime. Experience and knowledge gained over many years in the areas of cast resin technology, vacuum technology and electrical field control have been implemented. The system has been thoroughly arc fault tested according to the latest standard IEC 62271-200. Preventing an Internal Arc Within the FMX design, different technologies are used to prevent an internal...

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FMX Smart, Innovative Design - 11

Routine tests Various prescribed routine tests are carried out during the production of the switchgear. To assure quality, all processes are in accordance with DIN EN 9001. This means that at every stage of production the components, circuit-breakers and current transformers are inspected for correct functioning. When the entire installation has been assembled, a thorough visual inspection is carried out, together with mechanical, functional and electrical checks. Philosophy on Internal arcs Eaton always puts extra focus on creating safe switchgear for operators at all times. One of the...

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