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XQ5 - 1

RO D, FOR IL CK Q5 Series Cylinders Medium-Duty NFPA Interchangeable HYDRO-LINE, INC.

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XQ5 - 2

How to Order a Q5 Cylinder Hydro-Line standard cylinders can be completely and accurately identified with a model number that encodes construction specifications. To develop the model number for ordering a cylinder, see the following example. Feature Rod Diameter Cushions Stroke Bore Double Rod Mounting Style Model/Series Rod End Style Ports Rod Seals Piston Seals Port Locations Special Modifications Description Specify in inches (2 position decimal) Noncushioned Cushioned both ends Cushioned head end Cushioned cap end Specify in inches (2 position decimal) Specify in inches (2 position...

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XQ5 - 3

Q5 Design Features A Unitized Cartridge Machined from gray iron for maximum bearing support and wear resistance. Open grain structure retains lubricant, increasing seal and rod life. Standard removable retainer allows cartridge removal with hex wrench without loosening tie rods on 21⁄2" bore and up. Full front plate used on 11⁄2" and 2" bore. E NPTF Ports F O-Ring Tube End Seals • 1 NPTF port size under NFPA specification is standard on Q5 • provide positive sealing • are reusable • NFPA specification NPTF port size available at no extra charge • NFPA specification SAE port standard on HQ5...

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XQ5 - 4

G Cushion Seals Adjustable Cushion H Self-centering, self-checking elastomeric cushion seal design on head and cap provides: • optimum cushioning • long life • eliminates the need for ball checks J Tie Rods Captive and flush cushion needle design allows safe adjustment under pressure. Fine threads and special tip allow precise adjustment over a broad range of operation. I 100,000 PSI minimum yield steel. Roll threaded for added strength. K Pistons • Precision machined from solid aluminum alloy. Aluminum Head and Cap • ensures quick break-away and stroke reversal. • Machined from aluminum...

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XQ5 - 6

Commitment to Quality It is the policy of Hydro-Line, Inc. to design, produce and deliver defect-free products and provide superior services, the first time and every time, that consistently meet the needs of our customers. Our philosophy calls upon every employee to strive for excellence in customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. CKFORD, IL RO Custom Cylinders For Special Applications Hydro-Line’s full line of cylinder products and options fit most customers’ application requirements, however, a special cylinder is often required to meet custom specifications. These custom...

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XQ5 - 7

Hydro-Line Application Data Sheet Company Name: Distributor Name: Contact: Contact: Phone Number: Phone Number: Fax Number: Fax Number: ______________ Model Numbering System QUANTITY SEALS MODEL/SERIES MOUNT BORE STROKE ROD DIA • • DOUBLE END ROD STYLE CUSHION ADDITIONAL ROD LENGTH NEEDLE LOCATION C ROD STY PORT LOC PORTS ROD PSTN H C MODEL • KEYPLATE 4-FLAT BLEEDERS BRONZE BUSHING DRAININD. BACK SWITCH MODEL PREFIX C HEAD CAP Stop Tube Length HEAD CAP Trunnion XI Dimension HEAD CAP Stainless Steel Rod Type Please fill in all available information above. Refer to the Hydro-Line Model...

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XQ5 - 8

Q5 Mounting Dimensions RM 1 KK 4 J P5 • Y• EE (2) See Cylinder Dimensions on Page 18 ROD DIA. MM RM 1 2 KK ST 3 D B -.001 -.003 ESQ TS US E 2 4 A C FLATS SB‡ V F G SU SS TK 3 D TN ESQ SW LB 5 ZB ROD DIA. MM 2 K SU SW XS P5 • Y• EE (2) B -.001 -.003 E 2 A C FLATS 5 5 V F NT TAP J G SN XT K 5 5 LB 5 ZB For double rod end cylinder (Mount AD), add 1/2" to mounting dimension SS. Q5A – Side Lugs Mount (NFPA Style MS2) Q5B – Side Tapped Mount (NFPA Style MS4) 5 EF ZE 5 XE DIA. COUNTERBORE 2 HOLES HEAD END ONLY RM EE (2) 1 KK K RM 1 ROD DIA. MM 2 4 EG XA5 P5 • Y• ET 3 D FLATS B -.001 -.003 S ESQ A...

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XQ5 - 9

Q5 Mounting Dimensions P5 • Y• K ROD DIA. KK MM See Cylinder Dimensions on Page 16 RM 1 LR 2 D FLATS V G F J LB 5 M L CW C 3 D V FLATS F CW G 2 4 M CW CW RADIUS CB† ESQ Q5DC – Cap Detachable Clevis Mount (NFPA Style MP2) P5 • BD Y• KK UV (11⁄2"-6" Bores) TL EE (2) L † Maximum width of mating part. Q5C – Cap Clevis Mount (NFPA Style MP1`) 1 FH XD5 ESQ † Maximum width of mating part. 1" bore has single eye, CB wide. * 28° on 1" bore only. TM RM J LB 5 CB† XC5 TL 4 CD A 3 C 1 2 4 CD 25°* A RM EE (2) KK MR M P5 • Y• K ROD DIA. MM EE (2) ROD DIA. MM P5 • Y• K ROD DIA. MM RM EE (2) 1 KK TD +.000...

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XQ5 - 10

Q5 Mounting Dimensions See Cylinder Dimensions on Page 16 RM EE (2) RM KK ROD DIA. KK MM 1 4 P5 • Y• EE (2) 2 4 2 ROD DIA. MM R TF R HEAD CAP D B ESQ TF UF D VB G FH J W ZF 5 LB FH 5 EE (2) AA FH J LB ZF 5 5 Q5J – Head Square Flange Mount (NFPA Style MF5) Q5S – Cap Square Flange Mount (NFPA Style MF6) (11⁄2"-6" Bores) P5 • Y• ROD DIA. MM KK VB G FH W Note: Tie rod nuts will extend past the head or cap. K thickness on the end opposite flange mounting. Q5F – Head Rectangular Flange Mount (NFPA Style MF1) Q5R – Cap Rectangular Flange Mount (NFPA Style MF2) (11⁄2"-6" Bores) RM C B R ESQ TF UFSQ...

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XQ5 - 11

QT Series Air/Oil Tanks Pressures to 200 psi maximum Sizing the Air/Oil Tank Air/oil systems combine the speed and low cost of air operation with the smooth, even actuator control of oil from a standard air line source (see Fig. 9-1). 1. Determine the volume of fluid Work Cylinder displaced by the work cylinder Piston Area by multiplying stroke by piston Cyl. Bore Piston Area area (see Table 9-1). (inch) (sq. inch) 11⁄2 1.77 2. Refer to Table 9-2 to find the bore 2 3.14 and length equal to or greater 21⁄2 4.91 than this volume. In general, 31⁄4 8.30 longer tanks of smaller bore 4 12.57 size...

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XQ5 - 14

Hydro-Line Technical Data Rod Size and Stop Tube Selection T T S T S D = 4S UNSUPPORTED ROD END D=S SUPPORTED ROD END T S S D = 1/2S FIRMLY GUIDED ROD END D = 4S UNSUPPORTED ROD END T S D=S SUPPORTED ROD END D D D T S CAP CLEVIS OR TRUNNION INTERMEDIATE TRUNNION HEAD TRUNNION Rod Size Selection 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 Stop Tubes AXIAL THRUST T IN POUNDS Standard rod sizes are normally suitable for all applications except for long stroke or high thrust applications. Proper selection of minimum rod size may be determined by the following steps: 1. With knowledge of bore size and stroke,...

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