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EH066 - 1

Eaton, helping to keep our world GREEN clean is important to Eaton part of the drive for a cleaner environment. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a blend of urea fluid and distilled water that is injected into the exhaust of a diesel engine to reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. This fluid is used in the SCR process which plays a key role in the EPA emission regulations. Eaton's DEF Dispensing Hose EH066 is designed to be durable with the flexibility to work in applications such as overhead reels and dispensing hose used for totes and at service • Wrapped cover construction • Special blended peroxide cured EPDM inner tube and cover • 4:1 ratio safety factor • Internal static wire (stainless steel stranded wire) • Available in 50 ft. length pattern • Better abrasion resistance • Increased flexibility • Meets RMA standards for safety • Approved for Class I Division I installation area Powering Business Worldwide

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EH066 - 2

Eaton Industrial Diesel Exhaust Fluid Part Nominal Nominal Max. Operating Min. Burst Min. Bend Number I.D. O.D. Pressure Pressure bar Radius Weight EH066 hose Meets ISO 22241 Specifications and RMA4:1 ratio safety factor Special blend peroxide cured EPDM tube and cover, fiber ncludes a stainless steel static Operating Temperature: Tote pumps, dispensers, hose reels (floor and overhead) for conveying diesel exhaust fluid Industry Specifications: Hydraulics Group Europe Hydraulics Group Asia Pacific Eaton Building No.7 Lane 280 Linhong Road Changning District, Shangha Powering Business...

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