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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors


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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 1

Challenge: High-performance motors work well but cost too much because they're over-specified for the application. Challenge: Low-cost motors meet your price point but may be prone to premature failure. Challenge: Low-cost motor failure can damage your company's reputation due to poor quality, limited life and increased warranty claims. Xcel Series solution: Xcel Series solution: Xcel Series solution: Engineered specifically for light-and medium-duty applications, the Xcel Series offers the Eaton reliability you depend on at a more attractive price point - helping you meet both your machine performance and cost goals. Compared to competitive 2-zone motor designs, Xcel Series motors feature a 3-zone architecture that helps extend shaft seal life and enhance overall motor reliability - giving you the durability your application needs at the price point your machine can support. When you choose an Xcel Series motor, you're choosing the same quality and reliability that comes standard with all Eaton products. Xcel Series motors are backed with a 2-year warranty, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind - and helping protect your reputation.

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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 2

fNote: all XLH and XLS part numbers must include a -002 code suffix. To configure the right Eaton Xcel Series motor for your application, visit Eaton Hydraulics Group USA 14615 Lone Oak Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA Tel: 952-937-9800 Fax: 952-294-7722 F:T« Powering Business Worldwide Eaton Hydraulics Group Asia Pacific Eaton Building 4th Floor, No. 3 Lane 280 Linhong Rd. Changning District Shanghai 200335 China Tel: (+86 21) 5200 0099 Fax: (+86 21) 5200 0400 © 2017 Eaton All Rights Reserved Publication No. E-MOGG-BB004-E/4567 Eaton is a...

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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 3

Eaton® Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors Powering Business Worldwide

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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 4

Where superior performance and reliability meet exceptional value. In order to manage costs while optimizing machine life, mobile OEMs must specify a motor that matches the duty cycle of the work circuit to the machine’s performance requirements. For light- and medium-duty applications, there’s no better solution than Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque motors. 3-zone architecture at a 2-zone price point Competitive light- and medium-duty motors are designed with two zones (A and B ports) and no case drain. The problem with these 2-zone designs is that in applications requiring...

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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 5

Xcel Series motors vs. offshore competitors: the difference is clear. In accelerated life tests (continuous operation at maximum intermittent pressure and maximum continuous flow), Eaton Xcel Series motors exponentially exceeded the performance of competitive motors. Accelerated life test: XLH vs Competition at 200cc Competitive failure modes: 7 olumetric efficiency drop >10% V 7 haft seal leakage S *No failure. Testing stopped per TR-019493A. Accelerated life test: XL2 vs Competition XL2 Competition Competitive failure modes: 7 pline stripping (shaft and star) S 7 rive torsional failures D...

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Eaton Xcel Series Low-Speed High-Torque Motors - 6

Which Xcel Series motor is right for your application? MOUNTING FLANGE Uses Eaton’s proven Gerotor motor design and offers a simple, reliable, effective solution for the widest variety of applications. Supported by hydrodynamic bearings, the spool valve design is available with the most popular output shafts, mounts and displacements. OUTPUT SHAFT GEROLER STAR Leveraging the compact size of the XLH, the XLS incorporates Eaton Geroler ® technology to further reduce internal friction and provide added longevity for applications needing higher-than-normal performance. HYDRODYNAMIC BEARINGS...

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