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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose


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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose - 1

One hose. Many fuel types. Maximum performance. Eaton® GH100 and GH101 biodiesel hose. Engineered to go beyond.

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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose - 2

Introducing a biodiesel hose that’s engineered to handle the heat. Truck and mobile machine engine compartments are taking more heat than ever before. Regulations such as EPA 07 and EPA 10 in already hot climates, plus the growing use of high-percentage biodiesel fuels, are creating conditions that significantly shorten hose life. Standard hoses that aren’t compatible with biofuels can prematurely crack, leak or burst at high temperatures, leading to safety, liability and warranty issues. You might not always know where your trucks or machines go, or what kind of fuel customers will use,...

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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose - 3

Qualified with a variety of fuel types GH100 and GH101 are qualified with ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), every blend of biodiesel up to B100, and a variety of synthetic oils - for superior hose life even if your customers use different fuels from day to day. Fuel type Temperature No cracking at GH100 and GH101 meet the requirements of all common industry test methods, including ASTM D380, ASTM D6751, EN412 and EN2240, ensuring reliable performance. Eaton also tests beyond customer specifications to demonstrate the true life of the product, and can provide test summaries for...

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Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Fuel Hose - 4

Where to go for world-class hose assembly services Our expert distribution partners are trained to specify size, end connections and assembly for your unique application, ensuring you receive Eaton quality and reliability every single time. To find a distributor near you, visit Eaton Hydraulics Group USA 14615 Lone Oak Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA Tel: 952-937-9800 Fax: 952-294-7722 F;T*N Powering Business Worldwide Eaton Hydraulics Group Asia Pacific Eaton Building 4th Floor, No. 3 Lane 280 Linhong Rd. Changning District Shanghai...

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