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Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose


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Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose - 1

Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose Mobile A/C Hose Near-zero permeation. Widest temperature range Setting a new standard for mobile A/C hose. F^T*N Powering Business Worldwide

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Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose - 2

In virtually every industry, OEMs and vehicle manufacturers are searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint without making sacrifices in productivity. While some mobile equipment manufacturers continue to build systems using existing R134a refrigerant, many will soon turn to the next generation of refrigerant gas, R1234yf, a refrigerant developed to reduce GHG (green house gas) emissions and support sustainability. Now, vehicles using both R134a, R1234yf and other common mobile refrigerant types can achieve a whole new level of performance with the next generation of mobile...

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Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose - 3

Beyond its unique construction, GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose is a premium choice for manufacturers helping to achieve total vehicle GHG reductions. While GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose delivers longer life, greater temperature resistance and better kink resistance than its predecessors, it is fully compatible with Eaton's Crimp fitting and Patented E-Z Clip™ fitting systems. This means replacing GH134 with the next generation of mobile A/C hose is not only sustainable, it's simple. Upgrade to Eaton's most advanced mobile A/C hose ever. Features/Application Features/Hose Construction • Truck, Bus, Ag...

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Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose - 4

Eaton Hydraulics Business USA 14615 Lone Oak Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA Tel: 952-937-9800 Fax: 952-294-7722 F;T*N Powering Business Worldwide © 2017 Eaton All Rights Reserved Printed in "S' Document No. E-HOAC-BB001-E1 August 2"1/

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