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Eaton Food Processing - 1

Eaton® Food Processing Products Guide Motors, Pumps, Actuation, Filtration and Fluid Conveyance Retool and Repair with Confidence

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Eaton Food Processing - 2

The Eaton® Advantage: Solutions for the Food Processing Industry Faced with a menu of challenges driven by strict safety regulations, regulatory compliance, slim margins and increasing competition, you must find ways to reduce downtime and increase productivity while protecting your people and the safety of the consumers who buy your products. Our solutions and expertise help you: • Provide consistent, high-quality end products • Optimize processes to lower total cost of ownership • Keep personnel and consumers safe Eaton offers your customers only the best: • Our market knowledge enables...

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Eaton Food Processing - 3

For the PowerSource Food and Beverage Markets Tab Go to: markets/food-and-beverage/ Visit Due r 200,000 Hydrates (wodurtE a4 your firgart-ps Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device. Eaton's single-site digital customer experience empowers buyers and sellers of Eaton Hydraulic products across the globe in several languages. The power of PowerSource is now available to all users for optimal viewing - on any device, with one click: Search, spec and sell over 200,000 Eaton products. Cross Reference Find equivalent Eaton parts...

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Eaton Food Processing - 4

Food processing product guide Product Overview Fluid Conveyance Fluid Conveyance Eaton's hydraulic fluid conveyance hose, fittings and adapters offer flexible and proven solutions needed for retooling, maintenance, and repair of processing machinery or general facility upkeep. Count on Eaton's Weatherhead® and Aeroquip® hydraulic, industrial, PTFE, thermoplastic and silicone hoses for critical fluid compatibility applications. Page Page Protection and Plating Eaton PowerSource Configurator Polyethylene Tubing Economical, flexible, low density in natural off-white compound covered under...

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Eaton Food Processing - 5

Power and Motion Control Eaton's power and motion control products are ideal when repairing, replacing or upgrading processing machines that form, fill, pack, convey or require precision movements. With a wide range of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders and filtration, count on Eaton to move at the speed of your business. Page Page Filtration Hydraulic filtration Efficient filtration increases the life expectancy of system components, which both increases operating profitability and decreases maintenance costs. 16 Vane Pumps V10, V20, VMQ, Cartridge Kits Eaton fixed displacement vane...

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Eaton Food Processing - 6

This option is available on H, S, T, 2000, 4000, 6000 motors Eaton is offering full body nickel plating for Char-Lynn Motors for protection against wash down environments (Note: this does not offer protection against salt water environments and the recommended option for that is epoxy paint). In order to meet the different requirements, Eaton is now offering two different nickel plating options shown below: OPTION DESCRIPTION APPLICATIONS Electroless Nickel Plating (AMS 2404D specification) Premium process offering extremely high quality corrosion resistance Where water contact...

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Eaton Food Processing - 7

Food processing product guide Protection and Plating and CAD Configurator Dura-Kote™ Plating Technology Corrosion resistance is a necessity on nearly every application of hydraulic fluid conveyance products. Unplated carbon steel fluid conveyance products can begin rusting within hours of exposure to the elements. Dura-Kote Plating Technology, delivers significantly higher level of corrosion resistance on carbon steel fluid conveyance products. • Typically, industrial cylinders can be found in manufacturing, metals processing, oil and gas, and renewable energy. Cylinders are used for...

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Eaton Food Processing - 8

Food processing product guide Custom and Express Delivery Programs Vane Express Program – Next-Day Delivery ­ Cylinder Express Program – Three-Day Delivery Eaton offers the most complete line of Vane Pumps for industrial and mobile applications. Now, a wide range of our most popular V10 and V20 Vane Pumps, as well as V and VQ cartridge kits, are offered with our Eaton Express Next-Day delivery program. Eaton offers the world’s broadest line of industrial Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electro-Hydraulic cylinders. And now a wide range of Vickers® standard, tie-rod Hydraulic and Pneumatic...

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Eaton Food Processing - 9

Food processing product guide Hydraulic Couplings Eaton combines technology of brands Aeroquip and Hansen Gromelle. HA Female HA Male Body Thread Size* Socket Plug Size (Female) Preferred when it comes to severe hydraulic applications such as high pressure, pressure impulses, heavy mechanical loads and frequent connection and disconnection cycles. Body sizes 1k, 1h and 2 are supplied with FKM seals as a standard. Alternative end connections available upon request. HZ Female HZ Male Body Thread Size* Socket Plug Size (Female) A general purpose Industrial Interchange...

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Eaton Food Processing - 10

Safeline Series Male NPTF Connections An Industrial Interchange pneumatic coupling that is rugged and reliable designed for use with compressed air, gases, and liquids. Male Port Thread Plug Size Size NPTF (in) NPT Socket/ Po rt Thread Female Size Size Female NPTF Connections Female Port Thread Male Port Thread Socket Size Size Plug Size Size NPTF (in) NPT twith Bleeder Ball Check— Reduces hose whip *Nickel plated "LL” prefix designates stainless steel NPTF (in) NPT An Industrial Interchange pneumatic coupling with...

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Eaton Food Processing - 11

Rubber Braided Hose BETTER Rubber Braided H245 High Pressure Hydraulic Hose SAE 100R16, ABS Nitrile blend inner, Neoprene cover Reinforcement: 2 Steel Braids Temp. Range: -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F) Generic hydraulic fluids and diesel fuel high pressure applications. Hose Length Example H24504, H24504-250R, H24504-500R Compatible Hose Ends: C-O-C: "S", "U", 430 "U" and "Z" Series Part # I.D. Working Press Premium High Performance Hoses Meets or Exceeds 100R16S, Meets or Exceeds 100R2S 2-Braid Provides 10x better abrasion resistance than standard. Rated to 260°F, vs. 212°F, Pressure...

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