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Eaton Engineered Solutions Powering Business Worldwide

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There's a movement in the market toward smarter machines. As customer needs and requirements become increasingly complex, OEMs are turning to experienced partners for fully engineered sub-systems that support and streamline their development process. And no partner is more qualified and capable than Eaton. Our application engineers and systems experts approach sub-systems differently, considering complex system dynamics, machine requirements and regulations before the design process even begins. We'll work with you to define your wants and needs today while identifying your goals for...

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 3

© Lower overhead costs Investing in experienced staff and advanced technology platforms is costly. When you partner with Eaton, you can build smarter machines without the added capital expense burden. As a power management company, we engineer solutions that dynamically balance power generation with power consumption to deliver repeatable power management and control.

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 4

Engineered Work Solutions Dynamic flow sharing. Extraordinary stability. Mobile machines that have multiple services operating simultaneously need a work circuit that can optimize flow sharing with a high degree of precision independent of the load. Our development experts will work with you to understand your machine’s duty cycles so we can engineer a work solution that delivers greater productivity without compromising stability.

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 5

Engineered Work Solutions ADVANCED MOBILE VALVES COUNTERBALANCE VALVES Work solution PILOT-OPERATED CHECK VALVES EC215 STANDARD BRAIDED HOSE TUBE FITTINGS FC735 STANDARD BRAIDED HOSE Benefits Optimized machine performance 5 Our work solutions modulate flow across multiple functions to provide prioritized hydraulic power where needed. Improved stability Precise control 5 High-performance control features ensure predictable and repeatable function speed, thus enabling incomparable hydraulic and overall machine stability. 5 Our work solutions can be designed to meter low flow without causing...

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 6

Engineered Propel Solutions Dynamic torque delivery. Unparalleled efficiency. Machine operators are no longer willing to accept trade-offs between speed, gradeability and precise control. A propel solution is expected to deliver high levels of speed, torque and driveline efficiency under extreme operating conditions. Our development experts will work with you to engineer a propel solution that delivers torque efficiently at all speeds, for improved machine control, better productivity and longer system life. Benefits Enhanced productivity © Our propel solutions adjust automatically to...

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 7

EXAMPLE Medium-pressure propel solution Engineered Propel Solutions EXAMPLE High-pressure propel solution FC500 PREMIUM SPIRAL HOSE GH493 PREMIUM SPIRAL HOSE - FILTRATION SOLUTION - EC600 PREMIUM SPIRAL HOSE

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 8

Engineered Steering Solutions Dynamic response. Unprecedented control. Machine manufacturers want steering systems that are accurate and repeatable, while operators want a smoother, more responsive experience. Our development experts will work with you to engineer a steering solution that leverages innovation such as steer-by-wire, electrohydraulic steering, or the rugged, extreme-duty performance of our world-class orbitrols. Benefits Reduced noise © In-cab noise and sound quality improvements can be achieved by removing hydraulic products. Greater flexibility © We can help enhance...

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 10

Engineered Auxiliary Solutions Dynamic power management. Ultimate productivity. Machines today are expected to be more versatile than ever, accommodating more attachments in more environments and conditions. Our development experts will work with you to engineer an appropriately sized auxiliary solution that uses the installed power as economically as possible without sacrificing performance – enabling your customers to get more done while wasting less energy.

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 11

Engineered Auxiliary Solutions - SCREW IN CARTRIDGE VALVES FILTRATION SOLUTION GH493 PREMIUM SPIRAL HOSE PREMIUM SPIRAL HOSE Benefits Optimized performance & flexibility © Our auxiliary solutions enable operators to effortlessly switch between different functions with a high level of control performance and precision. Less heat generation © Our auxiliary solutions are designed to allow the system to run as cool as possible in all environments and applications -making it easier and safer when de-coupling attachments. Superior durability © Eaton products and solutions are engineered to endure...

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Eaton Engineered Solutions - 12

1. Requirements We'll collaborate with you to outline key operator and machine requirements. Our experts will also analyze historical duty cycle data and review relevant market data and trends. 2. Concept Our team will then engage the appropriate Eaton experts for a collaborative session where we work with you to identify several potential solutions. 3. Simulation Using sophisticated modeling tools, we'll simulate each solution to understand the tradeoffs. Next, we'll optimize our models, then present the best option for your application. 4. Prototype We'll produce a hardware prototype...

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