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Airflex High Energy Ventilated Clutch


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High Energy Ventilated Constricting Clutch High energy upgrade The Eaton Airflex® High Energy Ventilated Constricting Clutch expands the energy capacity of traditional drum-clutch products and is designed to sustain high torque at high temperatures. "To maintain strong productivity and low maintenance costs, your need equipment that is suitable for the harshest conditions." The new High Energy Ventilated Constricting (HEVC) clutch, featuring industry-leading energy capacity, delivers the durability and reliability needed in the toughest clutch applications. The Airflex HEVC uses metallic friction lining to maximize and maintain torque at high temperatures, while extending slip times to improve efficiency and protect high-dollar driveline components. With a torque increase of 25% more than standard VC product, it is possible to downsize the clutch, while the extended slip time yields a reduction in peak energy usage during grinding mill startup - both decreasing your overall operating and maintenance costs. Benefits • 25% Higher torque than standard VC product • Increased start times - over 10 seconds at highest energy • Low friction wear for longer clutch life • Sustained torque at high temperatures • Upgrade kits available, kits include drums • Fits in the same envelop as the standard VC 1. Dynamic torque calculated and shown at 75 psi and zero RPM; static torque is approximately 6% lower 2. Torque in each application is dependent upon air pressure and speed 3. Additional sizes and single wide variants available by request 4. Contact Eaton Airflex Application Engineering at to analyze the benefits to your system Powering Business Worldwide If you're ready to increase uptime, extend the life of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs, visit AirflexHEVC for more information. Fill out the form under Inquiries to have an Eaton representative contact you. © 2017 Eaton All Rights Reserved Document No. E-CLCL-TT005-E2 January 2017 Eaton Airflex Business Unit, 9919 Clinton Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44144 USA

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