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Product Catalogue Transportation Market

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Transportation Products Catalog - 2

How to get the most from this catalogue The objective of this catalogue is to provide engineers and purchasers with a quick and easy search facility for the selection and purchase of EAO’s most popular transportation product ranges. This catalogue contains details of EAO’s latest state of the art, ergonomically designed range of pushbuttons, switches, keyboards and keypads that have been stringently tested to meet international standards. INDICATOR PUSHBUTTON E-STOP A BLOCK LED ACCESSORIES MUSHROOM KEYLOCK SELECTOR BUZZER Browse and search options Each product range has been represented...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 3

Index Subject Page Company Overview Rail Buses, Coaches & Trams Specialist Vehicles Aerospace Marine CAN Module for HMI Solutions Customer Solutions Advantages of LED Illumination Technical Solutions Capabilities Glossary IP Ratings Product Selector Chart Type 4 6 10 14 18 20 24 57 63 69 121 125 126 Mounting Style Mounting Hole Size (mm) Page Panel Mount, Unsealed, IP40, Pushbuttons, Switches & Indicators Series 18 Raised/Flush 16Ø, 15.8 x 15.8 58 Panel Mount, Sealed, IP65 (Oil & Watertight) Switches & Indicators Series 04 Raised/Flush Series 14 Raised/Flush Series 22 Raised Series 56...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 4

The Company EAO is a global manufacturer of high-quality Human Machine Interface products, from switches, keypads and keyboards to complete, custom-built control panels. Founded in 1947 , EAO has established a global reputation for being an expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces across a range of target industries - transportation, machinery, process control, lifting and moving, and instrumentation. Our products have been developed by world-class industrial specialists and tested to international standards. They are synonymous with creativity, innovation and excellence - the hallmarks...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 5

Company Overview EAO – Your approved partner EAO is certified and managed according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and VDA6.1 standards. It is an approved A-supplier to leading automotive manufacturers and guarantees world-wide approvals by ENEC, CB, UL/UR, CSA, VDE, SEV and Germanischer Lloyd. Global EAO EAO – Your expert partner for Transportation Solutions The key drivers of the transportation sector are reliability, longevity, safety, compliance to fire regulations and adherence to standards. Public transport vehicles are constantly exposed to harsh environments, including extreme...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 6

Rail EAO understands that reliability, safety, efficiency, passenger comfort and speed are imperative to the rail industry, which is why we’ve become the foremost global partner for welldesigned switching products used by rail vehicles globally. EAO’s distinctive, well-designed products are used throughout the world’s most modern rail vehicles. Our products are also equally beneficial for refurbishing and upgrading existing rolling stock. Key features • Compliant with industry standard specifications for shock, vibration, fire and smoke emissions • Controls for on board passenger display •...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 7

Rail Customer advantages New build trains EAO has a proven track record of working in partnership with the world’s leading designers of rail solutions, whose vehicles are at the cutting edge of innovative technology and ergonomic design. EAO products are renowned for their aesthetic design qualities that complement the engineering and design of new trains, as well as meeting stringent standards in terms of safety and durability. Refurbishment Refurbishment projects not only provide train operators with the opportunity to bring a vehicle up to date in terms of standards for safety and...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 8

Rail Applications Passenger access Passenger access is one of EAO’s specialities. Switches in doors and toilets are areas where unreliable technology can undermine train performance. For instance, an illuminated switch in a door opener that is fitted with a standard filament bulb is more susceptible to failure than one from EAO fitted with LED’s. EAO’s products have been developed to overcome these issues. Rugged, vandal-proof and sealed to IP67 to resist extremes of weather, our Series 56 has become one of the market’s most successful door openers. Disabled access Driver’s cab cockpit...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 9

Rail Guards’ vestibules External functions EAO also supplies switches and assembled panels for guard’s vestibules. EAO’s flushmount lever switches and pushbuttons are reliable and deliver good tactile feedback, thus offering reassurance of the status of a certain function. If a guard or driver needs to determine from a distance whether all passenger doors are closed, EAO also offers a Series 56 indicator, raised in shape, delivering side view illumination. Visible in all weather conditions, the Series 56 indicator features LED illumination with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours continuous...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 10

Buses, Coaches & Trams EAO understands that in order to combat city congestion and resulting pollution, those involved in the design and manufacture of buses and trams need to apply the same standards of comfort and design to attract passengers to their vehicles as a car manufacturer would. Whether it is driver controls or passenger access EAO has a range of expertly and aesthetically designed products for bus, coach and tram applications to improve the operator interface. EAO has many years experience supplying switches and associated products into this market. This allows us to be at the...

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Transportation Products Catalog - 11

Buses, Coaches & Trams Key features • Compliant with industry standard specifications for shock, vibration, fire and smoke emissions • Driver’s cab cockpit controls • HMI products and solutions for new build and refurbishment • Keypads for on board passenger display • Passenger access controls • Solutions for disabled users Customer advantages EAO has tailored its products to be compatible with the bus, coach and tram industry at every level of production and service from initial design to future refurbishment. With offices worldwide EAO can match the supply needs of global companies...

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